Thursday, 20 January 2011

Friends Flood Auctions.......

Here are a few links for friends flood auctions
Kerry has 2 auctions

Carole has a Civil Wars Chronicle Kits for auction

Christine has 3 quilts......




Julia has

Four Wise Monkeys

Ric Rac


I haven't got anything to auction so I have been bidding and entering some raffles on a few things around the blogs the 
is on Make it Perfect and some auctions are being added daily so keep checking back.

If you can only donate a small amount some of the girls have raffles so look around and see what you can find..........there are all sorts of goodies............

AUCTIONS close on the 24th and I think the raffles will close on the 26th  but all the girls have the details on their blog posts.

.........take care til next time.....Chookyblue.........


  1. Thanks for letting us know Donna.

    Corrie ( collects quilts, quiltblocks etc. for Queensland.

  2. Thank you for that Donna.

  3. Thanks Donna for assisting me! I really appreciate what you did! Cheers!

  4. Thank you for that Chooky..
    I just happy to be able to help in this heart goes out to the dear people affected by this..
    Julia ♥

  5. Thanks Donna. The flood victims are going to need all the help they can get, the insurance companies have decided that they will not pay out on the flood claims, even those who were insured for flood, because it was the "wrong kind of flood". toni xxx


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