Tuesday 27 February 2007

Spinning Pinwheels Complete!!!!!!!!

Ta Da.............
Stayed up far too late last night but I have finally got my Spinning Pinwheels Quilt finished. I made it at the Cottage on the Hill a few years ago and was going to quilt it myself, even had it stuck together but then saw sense and decided to send it to Betty. She has done a beautiful job. (I was worrying about catching material on the back if I had done it.) I am giving it to my son for his birthday in a few weeks – he will love it.
Not the best picture as it is quite breezy outside. Leave a comment to let me know what you think.

Also included a picture of my hibiscus which is flowering madly.
Back to the bookwork……..

Monday 26 February 2007


Still binding away. Hopefully will get it finished tomorrow. Pics then.

Friday 23 February 2007

Parcels in the mail!!!!!!!

Yesterday I received some charm packs in the mail. Moda Serendipity and Moda Sonnet Collection. I haven’t brought charm packs before but they are a great way to look at a range you like without going to the shops which are tooooooo far away.
I also got Moda Peas and Carrots for a bit of fun, they looked good on the net but now I am planning to buy more but 1st trying to work out what I am going to do with them. I really like them. Throw suggestions my way if you have any. I might get some fat quarters in them. Here is a picture of them. Not the best pic but you get the idea. I got them from here.

I received in the mail today some 1930’s materials that I also got over the net at Bear’s Paw. This is easier shopping then I thought. Just some bits to ad to my collection. So when I am ready and work out what I am going to do I will have them. I really like the blue material on the bottom. I got extra of that.

That’s all for now. Have to make a library bag for school of the weekend for my Little Princess so will post again then if I manage to get it finished. She did take a bag of her brothers this week but I don’t know if that will be acceptable to her for next week.

Wednesday 21 February 2007


This is what I got in the mail yesterday. Will only have small shot of the quilting but when I get it bound I will show a big pic. I was so excited to get this back. I want to give it to my son for his birthday in a few weeks. The quilting is stars and cloud puffs. Beautifully quilted by my friend Betty.
That's all for now.

Monday 19 February 2007


This is the last thing I finished to send to be quilted. Just a sneak peek......

Out there!

Lost this post twice!! Starting a new adventure and driving myself insane trying to get blogger working the way I want! Not necessarily how it is supposed to work but I am getting there.

A view from my office window to start you off! More later!