Friday 30 March 2007

Another Little Girl

Got another little girl finished and nearly have another complete. Traced 5 onto material but no power or iron down on the road so will iron the pellon onto them tonight and stitch away tomorrow.
Got a couple of surprise packages today. 2 new little calves. They are so cute I knew one was calving last night when I left the cows and I found it this morning a little black steer calf but this arternoon when I was putting the cows back in the break there was another cow and she had just calved. She also has a little black calf but not sure what sex. Will try and take a picture tomorrow. Will need to catch them tomorrow and put tags in their ears.

Thursday 29 March 2007

I was going to show you what I have been doing while I have been watching the cows. But blogger is playing up.
Read a couple of Quilters Companions, working on a few different stitcheries.
Yesterday I was working on a engagement/wedding present. Have to go material shopping now. For got to take extra paper and the calculator so it took a bit longer and I have notes scribbled over a couple of tiny bits of paper. Filled in the morning anyway.

More little girls!

These girls were nearly finished last week except for there faces which I finished and I have started stitching another. Should finish her tomorow and will hopefully post her.
I am cattle droving at the moment so if not to dusty I can get some hand stitching done.

Thursday 22 March 2007

Still to busy but parcels in the mail.

I have not got any sewing done but did receive some shopping in the mail.

This is the book I got and here is the website about it. I have been looking at Hanne's blog and wondering where all her red and white blocks were coming from and now I have worked it out. She is going Nearly Insane. She has made 35 blocks so far. Found the book here.
Also in the mail I received some charm packs and jelly roll from the Fat Quarter Shop will show you that in the next couple of days. They are excellent. Postage got change from when I did the order to less. AND the parcel arrived in my mail in 1 week!! Amazing all the way from the USA.
Bye for now!

Saturday 17 March 2007

To busy to sew

To busy to get any sewing done but I have received a quilt back and just have to sew down the binding and will take some pics. It is beautiful, I love it and it's for my bed.
More soon.............

Sunday 11 March 2007

Prezzie in the mail!!! I love prezzies!!!!

What a day Friday. It wasn't much fun and then I got the mail and look what my wonderful friend sent to me. A craft apron - now I won't be looking for bit all the time. I am so lucky.
The thing is she rang the other day and asked me for my waist measurement. I said this is something I would rather not think about. But I did ring her back when I found the measuring tape. Lucky I did or I would not have received this lovely prezzie.
Thanks I love it. Sorry I haven’t blogged about it earlier or rang but it has been a challenging weekend and then when I was in and it was too late I had some problem with “cookies” getting into blogger. Great colours.

Wednesday 7 March 2007

Laughter and Tears at International Women's Day in Dubbo

WOW! Wonderful speakers!

Two women from Trangie who co wrote Desperate Gardenwives spoke and were very interesting and gave us a great laugh. Raising money for St Johns P & F Trangie. Would love to have them come to our town which they would be available to do so need to organise and get a date.

Next up was Australian Mahboba Rawi, see this website

She spoke about her life as a refugee and then supporting women and children in her home country Afghanistan for living costs and education for young girls. She has set up several schools and currently cares for about 300 widows and their children in Afghanistan. Truly inspiring what one person can do when committed to a goal. I also brought her book which is available on her website. Can’t wait to get into it.
There goes the sewing for a few days.

Then we had Robyn Moore
( ) who also had us in tears but from laughter.
She told us among other things we need to get rid of the CRAP out of our lives
They are the thieves of laughter, love, family, integrity, success, satisfaction, leadership, passion, peace, solutions, enthusiasm, results, maturity…YOU!
She is the voice of Blinky Bill, the women in the Spray and Wipe ad’s and the voice of all the women in the radio comedy How Green Was My Cactus ( ) Australia’s most popular radio comedy.

Sorry I have gone on so long but a wonderful day out, free bus trip and yummy lunch with 750 wonderful rural women.

Thanks to the Rural Women's Network and Women out West for organising a truly inspiring day!!

Quote from the day

Have an extraordinary life!!
You may as well!!

Sunday 4 March 2007

Fun and mistakes with jelly rolls!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay so I started off with this Bound for the Prairie 2 jelly roll that I got at Weigela Designs. Couldn't wait to get into it.
I wanted to do something like this but my neighbour came for coffee and chatting and I thought I had done the maths right for cutting but instead of squares I got rectangles so back to the drawing board.

Lots of moving around on the floor and I decided on the pattern below. Luckily I had a piece of material that I could use as the joiner to make some blocks that would go together.
All I need now is some material to put a border around and the top is done. I have a suitable piece of material that will go well for the backing.
Not sure what I will do with it yet but I am sure it will find a home.
Love the colours except for one blue but I will be able to live with it. I did this all yesterday afternoon so it does sew up pretty quickly.
This top measures 43" x 86" so far and with a nice wide border will fit a single bed. I am surprised how far a jelly roll will go. Can't wait to get another one and make something else.
Bye for now

Saturday 3 March 2007

Evenings Work

I have been working on these again of an evening. Got them as a block of the month from Totally Patchwork. Never got then stitched. Just kept hording the packets each month. It is going to be finished this year though by hook or by crook. There are only about 30 + girls and there are supposed to be the same amount of Hearts blocks but I am not doing them. I will keep them blank. I will post a few as I get them done. Have got about 6 done at present so push me along!!

Library Bag for a special girl!

Made this library bag this morning with a little assistance. She has had this on her shoulder for the afternoon. Loves it.

Storms again but no rain!

Love this pic I took the other day. Had to post it but to busy so now you get it a few days late. It was just on Sunset. Spectacular!!!