Thursday, 22 March 2007

Still to busy but parcels in the mail.

I have not got any sewing done but did receive some shopping in the mail.

This is the book I got and here is the website about it. I have been looking at Hanne's blog and wondering where all her red and white blocks were coming from and now I have worked it out. She is going Nearly Insane. She has made 35 blocks so far. Found the book here.
Also in the mail I received some charm packs and jelly roll from the Fat Quarter Shop will show you that in the next couple of days. They are excellent. Postage got change from when I did the order to less. AND the parcel arrived in my mail in 1 week!! Amazing all the way from the USA.
Bye for now!


  1. Hi :-)
    If I can be of any assistance with the NI blocks do not hesitate to tell me.
    I have foundation paper pieced mine. If you have EQ5 or EQ6 I have a project file I can share with you if you like, so you can print directly on paper or freezer paper if you prefer.

    One thing more - if you edit your profile so your email address is visible your comments will come through replyable. Now they come through as no-reply-comment. It is so much easier to anwswer to questions when the comments are replyable :-)

    Have fun with the NI blocks!

  2. When will you start on that one? From what Hanne says it is hard to stop once you have started. I wish you luck! I like the country colours of your other quilts. Take care.

  3. Thank you for the book link - I have been thinking about getting this one for a while.
    It's been wonderful stopping by - I'll be back again.


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