Sunday 4 March 2007

Fun and mistakes with jelly rolls!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay so I started off with this Bound for the Prairie 2 jelly roll that I got at Weigela Designs. Couldn't wait to get into it.
I wanted to do something like this but my neighbour came for coffee and chatting and I thought I had done the maths right for cutting but instead of squares I got rectangles so back to the drawing board.

Lots of moving around on the floor and I decided on the pattern below. Luckily I had a piece of material that I could use as the joiner to make some blocks that would go together.
All I need now is some material to put a border around and the top is done. I have a suitable piece of material that will go well for the backing.
Not sure what I will do with it yet but I am sure it will find a home.
Love the colours except for one blue but I will be able to live with it. I did this all yesterday afternoon so it does sew up pretty quickly.
This top measures 43" x 86" so far and with a nice wide border will fit a single bed. I am surprised how far a jelly roll will go. Can't wait to get another one and make something else.
Bye for now


Anonymous said...

Wow cous. Looks great !!!
You got all this done in an afternoon. I should look into this pattern then.....

Belinda said...

Glad to see you got it worked out. Expect something this week in the mail.