Saturday 28 April 2007

Emus saying Hello and not enough rain!

I spent the day at the cows again and these emus came up to the fence just next to us (less then 5 metres) and hung around for awhile. I grabbed my camera and took some pics for the interntional bloggers. Emus are very inquisitive animals. We have quite a few at our farm that run around wherever.
On the rain front we only had 12mls (1/2 inch) which is not enough because we are so dry will do nothing for us. The feed is running out on the roadway where we are so life is getting very difficult. Thanks to Tracey and Fiona for your caring thoughts. It is very nice to know someone cares.

Thursday 26 April 2007

Another Day at the Cows - all good

Well I have had a little break from the cows but had today and will have the next 3-4 there with them. Today I finished my blue work stitchery. Not sure if I will make it into a wall hanging or a pillow. I think it will end up in my bedroom with the blue and green quilt.

Then as I have had time to kill I have taken a few more pics and there were clouds in the sky today and rain forecast tomorrow (cross everything and pray for rain for us) so below in the collage are some pics and then it was late when we left and the moon is coming up in one pic and a girlfriend called in with a bottle of wine. Such a nice end to the day. Hope I wake up with rain on the roof.

The final pic was taken by DD who is in kindy. Brilliant photo for a young child.

Goodnight sweet dreams…….

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Wednesday 25 April 2007

Anzac Day and prezzy in the mail!!!

Well today is the day we remeber the soldiers who have fought for our country to give us the freedom to live in the best country in the world. We are so lucky so many young men have given there lives to defend us.
I did make an ANZAC slice yesterday (same recipe as the biscuits but put into slice tray to cook). I didn't get a pic but it is nearly all gone. The children went into town this morning and matched with their school and there was a wonderful turnout of people to support the remaining diggers.

In the mail I received the bottom left hand pic a sunglasses cover from This is the first thing I have won or been given since I started my blog. So exciting.....thanks heaps dragonfly. (Opps stole your pic also so I had a pic to post)

Monday 23 April 2007

A special luncheon!

My wonderful friend invited me out to lunch at a special location. We had to travel just over an hour to get there and enjoyed 4 wonderful hours eating lovely food and drinking champagne. Unfortunately we had to leave early to travel the hour home and then do a quick 5min change and travel another 45minutes in the opposite direction for my nieces christening. I had the best day I have had for months. I am so lucky to have a wonderful kind friend.

We sat along a creek and enjoyed the water views. I don’t have permanent water at my place except for the dams. I have a little creek but it only runs a couple of times a year and with the dry it has been years since it ran properly. So I just sat and took it all in. Beautiful!!!

Sunday 22 April 2007

Weaning calves and whirly winds!

Today we weaned some calves. For those of you who are going WHAT..........stopping them from drinking from their mothers. As it is still dry and we are running out of feed we decided today was the day to wean some calves. This will make it easier for their mothers, need less food.
Only the olders ones got weaned. As we cannot seperate them (which is what we normally do) we put these funny looking rings in their noses and when they go to drink the plastic spikes annoy the mother and she doesn't let the calf drink. Don't worry they don't hurt the cow or the calf. But they do look quite amusing being bright orange.

Oh below is a whirly wind which formed in front of me and I caught a snap! There are lots around at the moment with the dry weather. Not a good sign for rain.

Oh and tonight there is another baby calf on the way hope all goes well as she is a heifer having her 1st calf. Problems sometimes and she is not supposed to calve for 3 months opps not sure what happened there!

Sunflowers 2nd post for today enjoy!!!!!

This little struggler was along to road to town and I would not have seen it if I had fuel in my car because I would have gone home another way fuel light was on so I had to go into town.......back to the story...... since it is still so dry around here this sunflowers was thriving along the edge of the road. I just couldn't go past and not take a pic.

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No time to sew - Dry pics today

This is for Norma Silver Thimble I emailed her how beautiful the tulips pics were. She said she did like my dry pics so here are some for today. I have had no time to sew but have had the camera with me and taking a few minutes from my day to appreciate what is around and yes it is beautiful and spectacular and others may never get to see so I will share here. If blogger keeps working I will have several posts today.
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Friday 20 April 2007

Nature .... I love it!!!!!!!!!!!

These are some of the Kookaburras that come to my garden every morning. There are at least 4. They come in at day break and stay for a couple of hours. This a pic from sunset yesterday. Not really clear but the colours are what I wanted to show you. Amazing what the sky can do.

Sunday 15 April 2007

Pin Cushion Swap

Made this very quickly this arvo. Started with a sample block from the wedding quilt I am going to make and then thought what am I going to do with it and it has turned into a beautiful pincushion. When I go to Nundle this July Kerry has a pincushion swap running this year so mine is already complete.

Wednesday 11 April 2007

Surprise packages in the mail............send me ideas

While my life is so hectic and just awful at the moment and it just won’t rain (haven’t bother with blogging this before) but I am just at the point of not coping. Can't get away during the hols and our Easter regulars didn't come visit.........I am sick of the cows and so behind at home.......

I got a surprise in the mail today. (The only good things to happen lately)

Never in my dreams did I think I would score 5 metres of beautiful material by mistake.
Back to the beginning……
I ordered some material a few weeks ago from the US for the wedding quilt I am doing and last week I got an email to say there had been a mix up and I got sent the wrong package. My package went to the US not far away and it was being returned to the shop. When the package sent to me turned up I could keep it as an apology and as soon as mine returned to the shop she would send it out. WELL…….I thought there can’t be much in it for her to say to keep it……..then thinking what would be in the wrong package hope I liked it WELL……… the parcel turned up and I got 1 metre each of the 5 materials pictured that means 5 metres of material FREE.

They are all from the Wuthering Heights range and very nice. So now my wonderful dilemma…what am I going to do………so I thought I would open to the blog world for ideas.

The picture looks a bit pinkish but they are more peachy/apricot.

Send me some ideas…….

Tuesday 10 April 2007

English Rose quilt needs a new name

Made this Quilt at Nundle Retreat last year and sent to quilter a few months ago. Got it back a few weeks ago. Been waiting to get binding done to post but to busy for that so here it is. This is for my bed. It is a very big quilt but I do like them to go down the side. Need a new name for this quilt as English Rose is the pattern name and I don't think it suits my quilt. Give me some ideas..........
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Magic - Sun and Dust

Took this picture on the way home from the cows yesterday. Love it. Only desperately wished it would rain.

Sunday 8 April 2007

Thimbleberries Quilt Quilted

This is a kit I was working on last year and got off to the quilter early this year. Betty has done a wonderful job again so now I have to get the binding completed on this.
Welcome winter nights and snuggling under a quilt doing the binding.

I have tried doing a couple of collages in Picasa so I can show a few pics of the one thing. I have tried a few posts and failed when I was trying to put in several pics so tried to do it this way as the pics come in as one. So far so good.

Happy 100th dragonfly!!!!
By the way has posted her 100th post and has a little giveaway.
Check her out as she fiddles with lots of material craft stuff and enjoys swaps. She also likes purple.
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Little Girls

Hope you like my little girls
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Still trying to post words and pics not working HELP

Friday 6 April 2007

Where do Little Girls come from?????????

A few people have commented on my Little Girls. So to answer a few questions……..
What I call my Little Girls is actually Little Sweethearts but for me it is just not right. I got the pattern from Totally Patchwork. It came as a block of the month a few years ago but I didn’t get it done then. This year it is my goal to get it complete.
Each row has alternate little girl and then a heart. The hearts are lots of work also and I don’t really like that many which is probably why I didn’t get into this when I was receiving it a few years ago. I do love the little girls though and decided not to do the hearts at all.
There are 39 little girls in this quilt and I am about ¼ of the way through them. I have really enjoyed stitching them. (Sorry not the best picture)
While I have been sitting with the cattle down the road I have been getting some stitching complete. It will be for my little princess so I have to get moving before she is toooo old for it. She does love the girls but I am not sure she knows why I am sewing them.

Anyway the little girls have come to a stand still since Sunday afternoon. We have been shearing all our sheep and I have spent several days on the 4 wheel motorbike (which gave me a very sore hand so much – no stitching for a few days) mustering all our sheep as my husband was in the shearing shed and the inlaws have helped out with the cattle down the road. It has been a very hectic week and I am absolutely exhausted. Oh that’s right I also went to work one day in town.
After I catch up on my sleep I will need some time in my house which I have not had now for a month. Thank goodness the kids are on school holidays now for 2 weeks as that wipes out a couple of jobs.
More later……………

Sunday 1 April 2007

New baby and present for my baby girl!!!!

Officially meet 701.After trying to post this last night and failing (I hate blogger at the moment) I am going for the last time on this one. As promised a pic of my latest baby. He is very cute. Also Mum and baby. We actually have 2 new babies down there but the other one is not mine. Then the cup cake is for my little princess as she had a morning with me shopping for material in 2 shops and several hours in the car.
This is what she found at the second shop and seems as she had been soooo good I got it for her. It looks so real but is a little trinket cup cake. She loves it.
I was shooping for a engagement/wedding quilt and I am using the Faded Memories range which I discovered are in short supply. Between my trip to 2 shops and 2 stops in the net I think I now have enough material. Will try and take a pic of the material this arvo.
Down to the cows again.