Sunday, 22 April 2007

No time to sew - Dry pics today

This is for Norma Silver Thimble I emailed her how beautiful the tulips pics were. She said she did like my dry pics so here are some for today. I have had no time to sew but have had the camera with me and taking a few minutes from my day to appreciate what is around and yes it is beautiful and spectacular and others may never get to see so I will share here. If blogger keeps working I will have several posts today.
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  1. You have beautiful scenery around you! So different than here! That lonely determined sunflower is a great picture! Despite the lack of rain, that one sunflower can not be discouraged. It is very green here in contrast to where you are. However, along with that green comes a lot of rain! I wish I could package up some of our rain and send it to you! We are threatening to flood this spring. If what they are predicting takes place, the devastaion willl be immense. Most of the population in British Columbia lives in the Fraser Valley--it is the Fraser River that drains the snow pack from our province out to the ocean as the snow melts in the spring. The snow pack is at 150% what it normally is--ideal conditions for flooding! Again, I wish I could send moisture your way! Thanks for the pictures!

  2. Your little oasis !!! I'm sure this little patch of water is supposed to be a creek. Thinking of you hard at work on your farm instead of sewing. Womens job on the farm is certainly changing isn't it.


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