Thursday, 26 April 2007

Another Day at the Cows - all good

Well I have had a little break from the cows but had today and will have the next 3-4 there with them. Today I finished my blue work stitchery. Not sure if I will make it into a wall hanging or a pillow. I think it will end up in my bedroom with the blue and green quilt.

Then as I have had time to kill I have taken a few more pics and there were clouds in the sky today and rain forecast tomorrow (cross everything and pray for rain for us) so below in the collage are some pics and then it was late when we left and the moon is coming up in one pic and a girlfriend called in with a bottle of wine. Such a nice end to the day. Hope I wake up with rain on the roof.

The final pic was taken by DD who is in kindy. Brilliant photo for a young child.

Goodnight sweet dreams…….

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  1. I always love looking at your collages. How do you do that? I guess your photographic skills run in the family! Your daughter's could be entered in a photo contest!

  2. We've had enough to be hopeful that it continues here (4mm), how are you going?


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