Monday, 23 April 2007

A special luncheon!

My wonderful friend invited me out to lunch at a special location. We had to travel just over an hour to get there and enjoyed 4 wonderful hours eating lovely food and drinking champagne. Unfortunately we had to leave early to travel the hour home and then do a quick 5min change and travel another 45minutes in the opposite direction for my nieces christening. I had the best day I have had for months. I am so lucky to have a wonderful kind friend.

We sat along a creek and enjoyed the water views. I don’t have permanent water at my place except for the dams. I have a little creek but it only runs a couple of times a year and with the dry it has been years since it ran properly. So I just sat and took it all in. Beautiful!!!


  1. Very pretty setting, you deserved the day and I too would have sat and taken it all in.
    Sounds like it was a great day for you.

  2. Thank you for visiting my blog and making a comment. Wow, your scenery really is different from Norma's and from mine too! Isn't it amazing the way nature chooses different ways to adorn herself! Very nice quilts too. I'm putting you on my blog list to visit.

  3. We haven´t had rain for quite a time here either and it is only April, I wonder what the summer will be like. Thanks fo sharing pictures of the nice scenery, quite exotic. Take care.


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