Friday, 6 April 2007

Where do Little Girls come from?????????

A few people have commented on my Little Girls. So to answer a few questions……..
What I call my Little Girls is actually Little Sweethearts but for me it is just not right. I got the pattern from Totally Patchwork. It came as a block of the month a few years ago but I didn’t get it done then. This year it is my goal to get it complete.
Each row has alternate little girl and then a heart. The hearts are lots of work also and I don’t really like that many which is probably why I didn’t get into this when I was receiving it a few years ago. I do love the little girls though and decided not to do the hearts at all.
There are 39 little girls in this quilt and I am about ¼ of the way through them. I have really enjoyed stitching them. (Sorry not the best picture)
While I have been sitting with the cattle down the road I have been getting some stitching complete. It will be for my little princess so I have to get moving before she is toooo old for it. She does love the girls but I am not sure she knows why I am sewing them.

Anyway the little girls have come to a stand still since Sunday afternoon. We have been shearing all our sheep and I have spent several days on the 4 wheel motorbike (which gave me a very sore hand so much – no stitching for a few days) mustering all our sheep as my husband was in the shearing shed and the inlaws have helped out with the cattle down the road. It has been a very hectic week and I am absolutely exhausted. Oh that’s right I also went to work one day in town.
After I catch up on my sleep I will need some time in my house which I have not had now for a month. Thank goodness the kids are on school holidays now for 2 weeks as that wipes out a couple of jobs.
More later……………

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  1. I have this Little Girls quilt too!! I, like you let it sit for a long time. I decided not to embroider the hearts, but applique a floral heart instead. I've done one LOL. I also didn't like the fabrics they chose for the sashings, so I will do something different there. Totally Patchwork is only a few Ks away from us and I go there at least once a fortnight :-) I'll have to get mine done and we can finish it together!


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