Sunday, 22 April 2007

Sunflowers 2nd post for today enjoy!!!!!

This little struggler was along to road to town and I would not have seen it if I had fuel in my car because I would have gone home another way fuel light was on so I had to go into town.......back to the story...... since it is still so dry around here this sunflowers was thriving along the edge of the road. I just couldn't go past and not take a pic.

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  1. Thanks for today's pics - love the montage effect.

  2. Are your kids saying what mine say.
    "Don't tell me you are going to put that on your blog? "
    Love the fact that you take your camera with you and snap everything. So many times when I'm driving around town, I would love to stop and snap things.
    Love the Sunflowers.


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