Wednesday, 11 April 2007

Surprise packages in the mail............send me ideas

While my life is so hectic and just awful at the moment and it just won’t rain (haven’t bother with blogging this before) but I am just at the point of not coping. Can't get away during the hols and our Easter regulars didn't come visit.........I am sick of the cows and so behind at home.......

I got a surprise in the mail today. (The only good things to happen lately)

Never in my dreams did I think I would score 5 metres of beautiful material by mistake.
Back to the beginning……
I ordered some material a few weeks ago from the US for the wedding quilt I am doing and last week I got an email to say there had been a mix up and I got sent the wrong package. My package went to the US not far away and it was being returned to the shop. When the package sent to me turned up I could keep it as an apology and as soon as mine returned to the shop she would send it out. WELL…….I thought there can’t be much in it for her to say to keep it……..then thinking what would be in the wrong package hope I liked it WELL……… the parcel turned up and I got 1 metre each of the 5 materials pictured that means 5 metres of material FREE.

They are all from the Wuthering Heights range and very nice. So now my wonderful dilemma…what am I going to do………so I thought I would open to the blog world for ideas.

The picture looks a bit pinkish but they are more peachy/apricot.

Send me some ideas…….


  1. Oh you poor girl. So sorry to hear you are feeling this way. I'll try and do a rain dance for you or will I just come to visit again.
    (It always rains when we come to see you)
    The little parcel would be little concerlation for how your feeling but they do look great.
    You know me I wouldn't have a clue of any suggestion.
    I could see a box bag but I'm sure you want to put into something patchwork. What about a table runner or a nice bag for yourself.??
    I do hope things look brighter for you soon.
    Lots of Love xxx

  2. Lovely fabric you got "by mistake". I got them myself and are also wondering what I will make of them

  3. Wow, now that is just the kind of mistake i like! so pleased that something good was sent by someone to cheer you up. Same problem here, though not yet pulling hair out-how can all those clouds look so promising! Keep your chin up, you aren't alone, Tracey


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