Wednesday 30 May 2007

Triangles Galore Complete!

Hi All
Well a trip to the Dr's some antibiotics and a few days at home I should be feeling better. I have got the binding completed and labeled this quilt.
This is the Thimbleberries Quilt that I made up last year I have shown snippets but not the whole quilt. The colours have not come up to well in the pics but the 2nd shot has the best colour. I can't remember the name of it but I brought it as a kit when down in the Southern Highlands. I have called it "Triangles Galore". It was heaps of fun to make and went together very quickly with just strips of material. I added an extra border. Took a loong time to find that material...
This is a shot of it on the bed. Looks great. Better than the picture...
And finally as everyone tells me you have to have a quilt label which I have not done so far as I couldn't find any that I liked. Found these great ones at Weigela Designs in Warren and they are from Anni at Hatched and Patched.
Anyway that's enough for now take care................

Monday 28 May 2007


Hi all
Busy with work this week and at home I am catching up on bookwork so no sewing. Doing some binding of a night.
Have a head cold or sinus infection not sure which but don't feel well. More news later.......

Sunday 20 May 2007

Garden Visits..........

Today I have spent a lovely day in 2 different gardens. The first one the owners have only been their for 6months. They are making there mark in new ways.
The second garden is only 7 years old. Very beautiful also.
Considering the weather around here lately (very dry) the gardens are a credit to the owners to have anything flowering in which they have plenty. Bouganvilleas in the pic above grow very well in our area.
Lucky for me one of my nearby neighbours picked me and another girl up and we had a great day together. Then when they dropped me off we enjoyed a couple of wines.
Everyone was so relaxed and enjoyed the day so much due to the good rain in the last few days. It changes the mood in the farming community and the town.
Till next post bye bye.......

Saturday 19 May 2007

Show results..........ta da........

Okay on the left is Princess girls 1st prizes winning photo.

I unfortunately could only manage a 2nd with my sunflower photo.

This stitchery has been a work in progress for awhile. Finished and framed for awhile but that was preblog. But this stitchery did receive a 1st prize. Lucky me!

This one of the sheep is mine 2nd prize but I also got the sash "Dianne Elliott Best Effort in Patchwork by Novice" Basically an encouragement award. DS is claiming it for himself as it is his but I did tell him it is about who made it then he told me I can have 1/4 and he will have 3/4 ownership of prize and wall hanging. So sweet!!

This stitchery was by Princess girl 2nd prize. She was soooooo excited.
Princess girl also did a painting with school and she got 1st.

We had a great time at the show. Lots of lovely sewing and embroidery. Sorry no pics of the displays thought about it when I was picking up my entries at the end of the day.
Total winnings wait for it $4. It really is about entering to enter not winnning prizes.
On the rain front we got a little more and DH is already planning spraying and sowing crops.
The kids didn't go to school as we have dirt roads and they were a bit wet to run back and forward to the bus twice. DS maganged to bang his thumb in the shed with a hammer while home. Split the skin etc. Lots and lots of tears and cuddles.
This monring they are both a little crook with colds so not much happening here today.

Friday 18 May 2007

RAIN RAIN RAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stop the press it is raining...............we have had our biggest fall of rain for 2 years this morning. 162points/40.5mm how ever you measure it.

This will mean we can sew some crops and hope for some follow up rain when they are up.
Tracey I am very happy this morning. Looks like you got some more rain down south there.
Kerry looks like you got some rain also...Geoffrey will be happy for the crop.

Now about the wins at the show I will post shortly.........I know holding you in suspence...........sorry but I have had a few little dramas......

Tuesday 15 May 2007

Congrats to me!!!!

What for you ask... well I entered some sewing and photos into our local Agriculture show and I have won some prizes. Princess won some prizes also so more news tomorrow after our vist to the show tomorrow.............

Saturday 12 May 2007

Feeding Sheep and Mother's Day

Okay so the cows are home and I am not at them all the time but today the whole family fed the sheep. I went along to take some pics as I have nothing else to show at the moment. We have had 4inches of rain for the year and our average is 20-22inches. We have some catching up to do. We had under 14 inches for the year 2006. I am so sick of the dry but I have now given up on it ever raining properly again.
I know some of you are very wet and have threats of floods. Thanks for dreaming about sending me some of your water.
Our local agriculture show is on this week and they say it always rains for the show and we have been to some really wet ones but not for the last few years. There is a change forecast so cross your fingers and toes.............

As it is Mothers Day tomorrow I am going to Mother's Day mass for the kids school. The kids have little prezzies for me as they keep telling me about them but luckily not what is in them.
My Mum is coming to mass and then we are going to spend the day together. It will be nice just sitting around chatting. We have not got to do that for a long time.

To all the Mum's out there have a great day.

Friday 11 May 2007

Yummy Chocolate Cake!!

Made these yesterday just didn't blog. Made 4 altogether and a yummy casserole for tea. Today I have made a fried rice which I have not made for years. Sorry only pics of the cakes. I chop them up and package for the lunch boxes. The kids can just grab out a piece for the day.

Tuesday 8 May 2007

Spreading Around the World (oops I mean Blogland)

I just looked up my counter stat thingy and I am constantly amazed where people are viewing my little blog from ..................
to name a few......
Portugal, United Arab Emirates, Finland, Switzerland, China, Belgium, Australia, USA, Italy, Sweden, United Kingdom, Germany, Turkey, Norway, Netherlands, Mozambique (yes really shocked me), Malaysia, Japan, Spain, Canada, India, Hong Kong, France,

I didn't think my little world would spread this far when I started my blog earlier this year. But it is the internet and I tend to forget that sometimes. People who leave comments are all so nice and friendly and I sometimes refer to my "blog friend" and my husband says how can they be your friend as you don't even know them (yes yes except for 3 bloggers who I really truely know) but I said it is a bit like having penpals and yes I did have them also when I was a teenager. He is still shaking his head at me as he just doesn't understand.........

Thanks you for making my world bigger although it would be nice to meet some of you but you are all so far away from Australia..... oh well.......drop in for a cuppa if you are over this way.........

Thursday 3 May 2007

Cows home and little girls..........

Well this is the last of the little girls that I will get stitched while on the road with the cows and the good news is the cows are now home as of today.
The bad news is there is no feed for them to come home to. No choice though as the stock routes are closing up until good rain. Everyone off. Will work out what we are going to feed the cows in the next few days. Bit of pick around for them but not much. We need rain…. oops have I said that before…..
Other good news ….now we will enjoy the first weekend that we have had together as a family for the last 2 months. It has been a very long 2 months.
Anyway for the little girls I still have lots to do but I will try and get some completed during the evening when watching TV. Now that winter is here I get some things done in the evening as things are usually finished up early with the shorter days.
More news later.....Happy sewing...