Sunday, 20 May 2007

Garden Visits..........

Today I have spent a lovely day in 2 different gardens. The first one the owners have only been their for 6months. They are making there mark in new ways.
The second garden is only 7 years old. Very beautiful also.
Considering the weather around here lately (very dry) the gardens are a credit to the owners to have anything flowering in which they have plenty. Bouganvilleas in the pic above grow very well in our area.
Lucky for me one of my nearby neighbours picked me and another girl up and we had a great day together. Then when they dropped me off we enjoyed a couple of wines.
Everyone was so relaxed and enjoyed the day so much due to the good rain in the last few days. It changes the mood in the farming community and the town.
Till next post bye bye.......


  1. Beautiful Gardens - I love to view others gardens too. I have a new garden of only 12 months and I just marvel at how it's grown in that time considering the drought. I have just loved the rain this weekend too and everything is smiling.

  2. I'm singin' in the rain....and I bet you are as well! Great to hear it finally found you, what a difference a drop makes, Tracey

  3. Thank you for your nice comment on my blog! It's so interesting to hear about your weather conditions on the other side of the earth. I try to do some gardening too, but the flowers I have outside my front door I have to take inside each night because of the freezing cold nights...and it has been raining almost every day the past weeks...
    Love your beautiful sticherys by the way! I hope it's okey that I put your blog in my linklist?
    Timotei from Norway


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