Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Triangles Galore Complete!

Hi All
Well a trip to the Dr's some antibiotics and a few days at home I should be feeling better. I have got the binding completed and labeled this quilt.
This is the Thimbleberries Quilt that I made up last year I have shown snippets but not the whole quilt. The colours have not come up to well in the pics but the 2nd shot has the best colour. I can't remember the name of it but I brought it as a kit when down in the Southern Highlands. I have called it "Triangles Galore". It was heaps of fun to make and went together very quickly with just strips of material. I added an extra border. Took a loong time to find that material...
This is a shot of it on the bed. Looks great. Better than the picture...
And finally as everyone tells me you have to have a quilt label which I have not done so far as I couldn't find any that I liked. Found these great ones at Weigela Designs in Warren and they are from Anni at Hatched and Patched.
Anyway that's enough for now take care................


  1. Great quilt - hsts are my absolute favourites and it is so lovely and scrappy. What size are the triangles?

  2. Wonderful quilt. I love the scrappy look on it.

  3. How cute this labels are! Must look also great in redwork or something like that!
    Must look, how I can find them here in Germany.
    Wonderful srappy quilt.

  4. Love the labels. I still haven't put a label on my big bed quilt and that was finished several years ago. You have inspired me to do so. How quickly the time passes. Love sprappy look quilts.

  5. Oh, what totally marvelous fabrics you have in this quilt! I love all the triangles - like you I find them so easy to do, and they make a marvelous quilt. I noticed you have a very narrow "flange" bertween the inside and outside border. Almost like a cording without the cord. What a terrific finishing touch. I need to remember that and try it some time - it looks so great on this quilt.

  6. I'm a bit behind with checking on everyones blogs and look what I miss out on. Great finished product. I think that's on your bed isn't it. Love the labels and I too have been on the lookout. I've ordered some name labels for my small projects and the quilt ones will be next.
    Maybe I'll find some next weekend....

  7. Great scrappy quilt and those labels are sweet.


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