Friday, 11 May 2007

Yummy Chocolate Cake!!

Made these yesterday just didn't blog. Made 4 altogether and a yummy casserole for tea. Today I have made a fried rice which I have not made for years. Sorry only pics of the cakes. I chop them up and package for the lunch boxes. The kids can just grab out a piece for the day.


  1. yUM yUM !! Save some for June....
    and the caserole and the fried rice.. etc etc etc

  2. Looks yummy!
    Your red work girls are darling.

    Wish we could bottle up some of this rain and send it to you....we're drowning right now. Which isn't real typical for us this time of year. The seasons have really changed.

  3. Hi Blue, your cakes look just delishious. I'd be happy to have a 'cuppa' on my end and think of you..*VBS* Your redwork girls are just adorable. Can't wait to see them all together. Hope it rains soon. Hugs, Finn

  4. Fantastic idea! Think I'll do the same with the freezer, otherwise they just seem to disappear in front of my eyes!


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