Saturday, 12 May 2007

Feeding Sheep and Mother's Day

Okay so the cows are home and I am not at them all the time but today the whole family fed the sheep. I went along to take some pics as I have nothing else to show at the moment. We have had 4inches of rain for the year and our average is 20-22inches. We have some catching up to do. We had under 14 inches for the year 2006. I am so sick of the dry but I have now given up on it ever raining properly again.
I know some of you are very wet and have threats of floods. Thanks for dreaming about sending me some of your water.
Our local agriculture show is on this week and they say it always rains for the show and we have been to some really wet ones but not for the last few years. There is a change forecast so cross your fingers and toes.............

As it is Mothers Day tomorrow I am going to Mother's Day mass for the kids school. The kids have little prezzies for me as they keep telling me about them but luckily not what is in them.
My Mum is coming to mass and then we are going to spend the day together. It will be nice just sitting around chatting. We have not got to do that for a long time.

To all the Mum's out there have a great day.


  1. I always love your picture collages. I want to try that too. I go around taking pictures and think, "I want to do what Chookyblue does." but I'm not quite sure how and I don't do photograph software (or have the right brain!) Such a different landscape from what I see everyday.

  2. I all cross my fingers for you, they are talking maybe some rain this week.

  3. I hope you're having a wonderful Mother's Day!
    *big hugs*

  4. Hi Chookyblue,
    I hope you had a great day with your mum. I did some baking with my oldest son (11) and went to the Nursery with my family. I had a good day too, and just found your blog tonight which I like very much.


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