Tuesday, 8 May 2007

Spreading Around the World (oops I mean Blogland)

I just looked up my counter stat thingy and I am constantly amazed where people are viewing my little blog from ..................
to name a few......
Portugal, United Arab Emirates, Finland, Switzerland, China, Belgium, Australia, USA, Italy, Sweden, United Kingdom, Germany, Turkey, Norway, Netherlands, Mozambique (yes really shocked me), Malaysia, Japan, Spain, Canada, India, Hong Kong, France,

I didn't think my little world would spread this far when I started my blog earlier this year. But it is the internet and I tend to forget that sometimes. People who leave comments are all so nice and friendly and I sometimes refer to my "blog friend" and my husband says how can they be your friend as you don't even know them (yes yes except for 3 bloggers who I really truely know) but I said it is a bit like having penpals and yes I did have them also when I was a teenager. He is still shaking his head at me as he just doesn't understand.........

Thanks you for making my world bigger although it would be nice to meet some of you but you are all so far away from Australia..... oh well.......drop in for a cuppa if you are over this way.........


  1. I will drop on for a cuppa when I am next out your way,or could we make it a champagne!!!!!

  2. I would love to have a cuppa or two dear friend.

  3. And of course the opposite applies too if ever you get to the UK my kettle will be on too :o)

  4. We are cyber pals! I love it! So fast, with pictures included and the quick chattiness of very good friends!

  5. ciao I'm from Italy
    but with internet it seems to be near you for a cuppa.....
    ciao ciao

  6. Thank you for your nice comment on my blog! I can see that you like stitcheries just like me. I´ll come back and visit you some other day and look moore at your blog.

  7. I'll enjoy a cuppa any time! You're always invited to my corner of the desert.

  8. hi there. checking in from Germany. i love reading the Aussie blogs. so exotic. i have an old flame in Brisbane, so who knows? maybe i'll make it to australia someday.
    and if you're ever in this neck of the woods, definitely stop in.

  9. We will have to get you into swapping, then you will meet some people.....
    There is a "Fat Quarter Swap Group" on Flickr....
    That would help or hinder your fabric stash.

  10. Mine doesn't understand either...but is'd all about the sisterhood, Tracey

  11. My husband calls them my imaginary friends.
    I like to think of them as penpals.

  12. I think it's a female thing - I don't think many men would be capable of forming the friendships that we women do with people we "don't even know". I really enjoy my blog friends - I have tried to find a quilt group with no luck, so my blog is my quilt group, and bloggers are my group friends. Call in if you're in Brisbane.


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