Tuesday, 10 April 2007

English Rose quilt needs a new name

Made this Quilt at Nundle Retreat last year and sent to quilter a few months ago. Got it back a few weeks ago. Been waiting to get binding done to post but to busy for that so here it is. This is for my bed. It is a very big quilt but I do like them to go down the side. Need a new name for this quilt as English Rose is the pattern name and I don't think it suits my quilt. Give me some ideas..........
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  1. I think your quilt is beautiful and it looks like meadows do from the air or the top of a hill: a patchwork!!!

  2. "greener Pastures" is what I would call it! Beautiful colours!
    BTW, I like those 4-patch collages you do with Picasa... I am going to have to experiment with that.

  3. Greener Pastures, that sound like a good name, we live in hope that the country side will look like that again soon.
    Maybe you could call it, "Hope of Greener Pastures"
    Well done glad to see it finished, ready for your next retreat.

  4. Absolutly wonderful. Love those greens. I saw the pictures of your blog and I think you live in a lovely place.

  5. When I saw this, it reminded me of trips to the country back in England - so A Country Outing or something like that. Although I love the Hope of Greener Pastures on the other comments too. A VERY pretty quilt. I also love your photo collages and I'm glad I found your blog. We pray for rain every day, at church too so hoping some ends up your way soon.


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