Sunday, 22 April 2007

Weaning calves and whirly winds!

Today we weaned some calves. For those of you who are going WHAT..........stopping them from drinking from their mothers. As it is still dry and we are running out of feed we decided today was the day to wean some calves. This will make it easier for their mothers, need less food.
Only the olders ones got weaned. As we cannot seperate them (which is what we normally do) we put these funny looking rings in their noses and when they go to drink the plastic spikes annoy the mother and she doesn't let the calf drink. Don't worry they don't hurt the cow or the calf. But they do look quite amusing being bright orange.

Oh below is a whirly wind which formed in front of me and I caught a snap! There are lots around at the moment with the dry weather. Not a good sign for rain.

Oh and tonight there is another baby calf on the way hope all goes well as she is a heifer having her 1st calf. Problems sometimes and she is not supposed to calve for 3 months opps not sure what happened there!

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  1. Nose rings are a fab. idea. We had to sell ours straight off, Tracey


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