Saturday, 28 April 2007

Emus saying Hello and not enough rain!

I spent the day at the cows again and these emus came up to the fence just next to us (less then 5 metres) and hung around for awhile. I grabbed my camera and took some pics for the interntional bloggers. Emus are very inquisitive animals. We have quite a few at our farm that run around wherever.
On the rain front we only had 12mls (1/2 inch) which is not enough because we are so dry will do nothing for us. The feed is running out on the roadway where we are so life is getting very difficult. Thanks to Tracey and Fiona for your caring thoughts. It is very nice to know someone cares.


  1. Hopefully, there is a lot more rain in your near future.

  2. I love the close up picture of the emu! Do these birds belong to you? Or are they wild? We are under threat of flood--I really wish I could send you our water!

  3. Yes, the emu is adorable. The world weather is changing and where some of us have too much water, you don't have enough... The winter was terrible in some parts of the world but we hardly felt it at all...Please Lord, bring Your people what we need.

  4. Glad you got a little rain, hopefully there is more on it's way.
    Emu's always scared me as a child, yours look very cute.
    PS thanks I think I have worked it out

  5. Where is all the rain gone, I wonder. In Germany we had in April only 5 % of the usual amount and the situation is getting very dangerous with forest fire forecasts and drought for the farmers. Do you think the emus were thirsty?! Thanks for sharing such great pictures. Take care.

  6. We love Emus here as well, hope you had some more showers over the weekend-it kept going here and we have had an inch and 3/4 all up, Tracey

  7. Hi there - thanks for calling by my blog - glad you could enjoy the wisteria without affecting your sinuses - hope you get the rain you need


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