Sunday, 1 April 2007

New baby and present for my baby girl!!!!

Officially meet 701.After trying to post this last night and failing (I hate blogger at the moment) I am going for the last time on this one. As promised a pic of my latest baby. He is very cute. Also Mum and baby. We actually have 2 new babies down there but the other one is not mine. Then the cup cake is for my little princess as she had a morning with me shopping for material in 2 shops and several hours in the car.
This is what she found at the second shop and seems as she had been soooo good I got it for her. It looks so real but is a little trinket cup cake. She loves it.
I was shooping for a engagement/wedding quilt and I am using the Faded Memories range which I discovered are in short supply. Between my trip to 2 shops and 2 stops in the net I think I now have enough material. Will try and take a pic of the material this arvo.
Down to the cows again.

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  1. New babies everywhere! On the next door field there are a few lambs jumping around, very cute. The fake cake looks really sweet, I know somebody (my niece) who would have been happy to become one as well ( you know the I LOVE PINK sort!) Your little girls are getting quite fast along. What do you plan to do with them?
    About naming quilts: most of the time it is by playing with the colour/Block/setting name that I find a name, a very funny brainstorming process! Take care.


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