Sunday, 8 April 2007

Thimbleberries Quilt Quilted

This is a kit I was working on last year and got off to the quilter early this year. Betty has done a wonderful job again so now I have to get the binding completed on this.
Welcome winter nights and snuggling under a quilt doing the binding.

I have tried doing a couple of collages in Picasa so I can show a few pics of the one thing. I have tried a few posts and failed when I was trying to put in several pics so tried to do it this way as the pics come in as one. So far so good.

Happy 100th dragonfly!!!!
By the way has posted her 100th post and has a little giveaway.
Check her out as she fiddles with lots of material craft stuff and enjoys swaps. She also likes purple.
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  1. Hi, thanks for the visit, your calves and chooks remind me of me! tracey

  2. Love the Picasa collage. Does make the photos look better altogether.
    Thanks for the plug. But must correct your spelling mistake as I'm not lost..... I'm right here.
    He He He. Love the colour change just for me too. xx

  3. That is a very nice quilt and it really looks very cosy. I could spot some fabrics I also have! I love your animal pictures as it is so different from what I usually see around here. Big town, industry region, a lot of roads, etc so that reading your blog is a bit like Holidays! Take care.

  4. Your blog is very nice.
    Your collage quilt very fine.
    ciao ciao


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