Wednesday, 7 March 2007

Laughter and Tears at International Women's Day in Dubbo

WOW! Wonderful speakers!

Two women from Trangie who co wrote Desperate Gardenwives spoke and were very interesting and gave us a great laugh. Raising money for St Johns P & F Trangie. Would love to have them come to our town which they would be available to do so need to organise and get a date.

Next up was Australian Mahboba Rawi, see this website

She spoke about her life as a refugee and then supporting women and children in her home country Afghanistan for living costs and education for young girls. She has set up several schools and currently cares for about 300 widows and their children in Afghanistan. Truly inspiring what one person can do when committed to a goal. I also brought her book which is available on her website. Can’t wait to get into it.
There goes the sewing for a few days.

Then we had Robyn Moore
( ) who also had us in tears but from laughter.
She told us among other things we need to get rid of the CRAP out of our lives
They are the thieves of laughter, love, family, integrity, success, satisfaction, leadership, passion, peace, solutions, enthusiasm, results, maturity…YOU!
She is the voice of Blinky Bill, the women in the Spray and Wipe ad’s and the voice of all the women in the radio comedy How Green Was My Cactus ( ) Australia’s most popular radio comedy.

Sorry I have gone on so long but a wonderful day out, free bus trip and yummy lunch with 750 wonderful rural women.

Thanks to the Rural Women's Network and Women out West for organising a truly inspiring day!!

Quote from the day

Have an extraordinary life!!
You may as well!!

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