Sunday, 11 March 2007

Prezzie in the mail!!! I love prezzies!!!!

What a day Friday. It wasn't much fun and then I got the mail and look what my wonderful friend sent to me. A craft apron - now I won't be looking for bit all the time. I am so lucky.
The thing is she rang the other day and asked me for my waist measurement. I said this is something I would rather not think about. But I did ring her back when I found the measuring tape. Lucky I did or I would not have received this lovely prezzie.
Thanks I love it. Sorry I haven’t blogged about it earlier or rang but it has been a challenging weekend and then when I was in and it was too late I had some problem with “cookies” getting into blogger. Great colours.


  1. I'm glad you like it. I used the fabric from the bag kit you gave me. I thought it was more you than me.

  2. What a lovely apron. It looks great and it is handy too!! A great present!!

  3. Love the colours and yes I can see you now with your quilting and your little apron. xx


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