Friday, 28 March 2008

Work and no play..........

Well girls this is about as much of me as you will see when in work really isn't good..........but yesterday we did some cattle work - weighing my younger stock........they are looking okay

Here are some of them later in the afternoon when we let them out of the yards...............they had better enjoy that drink as a pipe broke during the night as dh is trying to fix it right now - lets just say water spraying everywhere is not a good thing............

while I was wondering around with the camera I went and shut the chooks into there yards and took this pic..........

busy today but it will be easier - better go and cook some scones before the agent gets here.......


  1. My what lovely boots you have... LOL!!!
    The cattle look nice and healthy, are you sending them off to the sales?? Is that why the agent is comming??? I'm sure you would of made his day when he arrived to freshly baked scones..


  2. I enjoy seeing your farm pictures. Your mention of the broken pipe makes me wonder what kind of water supply you have for your animals and crops??? Depending on where you live in the US, there can be enough rain or you have to rely on irrigation. Do you have enough rain in your area to support your farm? ;-)

  3. Love the photos,especially your header have a great day. Jo

  4. My parents still have animals on their I know what hard work there is to be living on a farm...but such a wonderful life!! Loved to see thoose mind flashed back and I felt my own workingboots...;D


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