Monday, 14 April 2008

Anatomy of an umbrella grass.............

Here is the post to answer the umbrella grass questions hopefully..........

I will not complain to much as this time last year we had NO feed for our stock but since Christmas we lots of rain and lots of grasses grew. Some of those have grass heads that blow off and travel around...........I have a big open plain to the south and lots of this grass there....... hence the reason I have such a problem when I have any wind from that direction...................last time we had a problem this bad was about 12 years ago...............

An innocent little umbrella grass.............

  • catches every little breeze
  • has amazing floating capacity
  • can be taken up in a whily wind and drop when it feels like it
  • can pack up on fences, gardens anything that stand still long enough
  • ability to arrive in a garden and never leave
  • ability to drive the garden owner crazy (me)
  • hides hoses, taps, gardens, everything

Before mowing...........4-7foot high

One lawn after we mowed it several times - where ever we mow we leave trails of grass it is such a mess.........

Here it is packed up on fences...........

more fences..........looks like little bales of hay (absolutely not use)

this is the lawn under cloths line...........have not been able to hang cloths out on it for weeks now............

there is garden under all this ................

there is a pot under there............

now how do I remove all this...............

  • mow
  • grab with hands and scrunch up (lots of that)
  • wet - roll - pack down and cart out
  • gather with my rakes (if only I could find them)
  • very little will blow away with the wind (just move around the garden)

Thanks for all the offers of help with lots of moral support..........take care............


  1. OMG Chooky, you have been invaded !

  2. Wow, they've taken over your yard. Glad to see you back

  3. OMG!!! You really do have a problem now don't you... You poor thing :(


  4. WOW!!! it looks so harmless when you just see a little bit. What a nightmare that stuff is. You have my thoughts with you as you "dig out"

  5. Oh my goodness!! I am sending some hugs your way!! Hang in there!

  6. So it's of no use as feed? What a pitty, you could have let the sheep in for a jolly big feed.

  7. I'm happy for your come back
    and I'm sorry for umbrela...........

  8. Here in Vic we call it Fairy grass-denigrating the good name of the fairies I would say. One bad day here we didn't have the cover on the pool....once again a job for the neighbors hordes of kids, it was completely solid!!!-and happy 250th-good plan! Tracey

  9. Now I know, I have never seen anything like this before.

  10. Thank you for telling us, I've never heard about it before!
    Sorry for all the job it gives you.

  11. Great Ag. lesson...... fab pics as usual.

  12. The pics are great - pity it is such insidious stuff.....I think I am glad we don't have any of that here!

  13. wowsers! that stuff grows faster than weeds!! Are you going to hire help to clear it!? How frustrating. Hugs.

  14. Oh you poor thing!!! That's terrible. I hope little fairy girl will help you with the huge job of getting it under control again. Thinking of you.

  15. You poor thing! Clearing that up looks like one of the never-ending tasks from the Underworld - like emptying the sea with a sieve! Good luck - sending lots of moral support from the UK! Lucy x

  16. Yikes!!! I am feeling very silly for thinking I had a weed problem! Good luck with that :)

  17. We have that same stuff...but not near like you do. And....just how do you get rid of it? The wind here is enough to send it on it's way.

  18. Amazing pics. I can't believe how much of it there is. It looks like years of work. Hope you can use your clothesline soon. Wish I had a genie with three wishes I could lend you.

  19. Wow! Thanks for answering all the questions. Like tumble weeds in our Southwest, except multiplied x thousands!

  20. I had no idea..thanks for showing the pictures, but sorry for the work that is left for you. Wish we could all help out (((hugs)))!

  21. Dear O me!!! Those pics bring back memmories!!! rather you than me,but on the good side,atleast you the rain to get this result!!Good Luck!!!!

  22. I've never seen anything quite like it!!! Good luck.

  23. Ohhh...that was some nasty "little" grass!!! I shall never complain about my weeds anymore!!!
    Well done to get rid of that!!

  24. Donna, I can understand why it is called umbrella grass - it covers everything! Good thing you don't have this great of a problem every year. It must be so frustrating. I had never heard of it before, so another learning experience from reading a blog post. *s* I meant to reply way back when you wrote this, but late is better than never.


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