Sunday, 15 February 2009

checking in..........

Just touching crafting here.........did meet up with the lovely
Kris........(even if I did take the heat with me) I know why she spends
so much time at Highfields....... Quilter's Angel and the Chocolate Café
are is Kris' fault I walked out with fabric and ate yummy
chocolates.....the view is awesome..........

..also caught up with is so nice to chat in person then on the net.......thanks for taking the time to meet up girls..........
Busy week again this week so who knows when I will return........

We had heaps of rain this weekend so maybe I will get some blooms like the
one in the photo......the paddocks will turn to green again and I am pleased
to say we have had a couple of 20 deg cel so nice to have some
cool weather..........much better then the 40+ when I left........

.........take care til next time.............


  1. Had a bit of a bloggy break and am now catching up on everybodies news-glad you had a nice catch up-lovely rose

  2. Nice to catch up again. Rain what is that ?

  3. Your double delight is beautiful. Now can you send some rain our way. It would be nice to have some green around here for a change and some water in the tanks. Happy gardening.

  4. I've been a bit slack on leaving Comments lately - having a bit of R&R from cutting out raggy quilt, so nice to visit and see what you little devils have been up to without me! Have you seen the House Block Swap is going really well - I'm happy, so thanks a lot for your help - have a million things to do, but I'll get there!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  5. Glad you had a nice time away. Wow rain what does that look like.

  6. LOVE that rose! Double Delight is one of my fav's. How did you get on????

  7. I visit Peg's blog and it is always current for me. I am in Canada. Funny how some work so well and other's are so hard to reach.
    He quilts are fab!

  8. How fun to meet friends "in person". There is nothing quite like having a friend and actually seeing that friend "face to face"!!! Same goes for roses, sort of......they are lovely in photos but I want them in my garden and especially that gorgeous one in your photo. Our season for growing is so short here that by the time things bloom, the seasons change and Jack Frost returns!!! I felt like I could almost smell that rose and reach out and touch it's velvet petals!!

  9. Hasn't the rain been great!!!! We had 3 inches over 3 days, gotta love that.... Dams have all been filled back up again so that's one thing less to worry about.. Take Care and don't burn yourself out.... :)

  10. Nice that you have had some rain..same here for a few days now.

  11. Beautiful rose.
    Rain would be wonderful...not even a spit for over a week.
    Garden has the look of a white bushfire......whites and browns and dead or dying.
    Safe steady rain is what we the right places. If it come in Victoria's catchment areas we are in strife but the rest of the state would so welcome it.
    In the midst of this I hit the number 600, so decided a giveaway had to be in order.

  12. Hi, hope the rainfall is still just at a happy level and you aren't underwater....things are wet when Burke is!!
    Cheers, tracey

  13. Oh Chookyblue... So Close... so pleased you were able to visit The Quilter's Angel & The Chocolate Cottage real Temptation Territory both establishments... Lol

  14. What a beautiful rose!
    Kind regards,

    Beertje Zonn


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