Saturday, 28 March 2009

GDITC Shopping...........

I know you may be sick of hearing about it but BAD LUCK you're just jealous cause you missed out on going to Nundle for Girls Day in the

this fabric is another Holly Holderman is a very pretty pink not the best pic but I am confined to indoors as I have a sore foot..........

Found this is a blue (looks a little grey here) but it would be perfect backing for me and it was on a fantastic SALE............

I haven't seen this stitchery of Leanne's House - Wishes and Lilies..........had to get it.........

close up of the stitchery..........

I won this pattern.............Lynette Anderson..........

.........take care til next time.............


  1. Great shopping! I hope your foot get well soon!

  2. LOL..Yes I am Jealous but I'm Not Sick of seeing Pics from GDITC...Love all your Goodies and a Win..!! Great.!!

  3. Yes Donna I'm a bit jealous.......your shopping is great and I like very much the second fabric.
    ciao ciao

  4. Yep, you know I'm jealous, so don't rub it in! Is that foot okay?
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  5. Ok, we know!!
    stop rubbing it in, we know you had fun..
    take care of that foot..
    Julia ♥

  6. A nice bit of retail therapy....hope the foot is soon better.

  7. Donna and that stitchery pattern is such fun to do. If you want any of the other stitchery florals from leanne's house just yell and I will send them to you.
    I am over being jealous , I have made up my mind to focus on being there next year!! Still expecting to be picked up of course!!

  8. Looks like you brought home some great goodies. Love the wishes and stitches.

  9. Gorgeous fabrics! Nah, not sick of seeing other people's photos of the GDO. What colour will you stitch Lillies and Wishes in???? Also wondering when you will be making up the fox/pumpkin quilt??????
    Bec xxx

  10. Speedy recovery to you! Thanks for sharing more from GDITC.

  11. cute stuff.
    hope your foot feels better soon.

  12. You're right, we are jealous. Lovely fabric buys, and it looks like you came home with more than you went with.

  13. I have been reading about the retreat on various blogs and you are totally right!! I am really, really jealous!!!

    It looks like a fabulous time was had by all :))))

  14. Yes well I am jealous but I still want to see all the photos . Glad you had such a great time .
    clares craftroom

  15. It must be great to meet the designers. Oh yes I am jealous.

  16. Great purchases too. I haven't seen that pattern of leanne's either. Can't wait to see this finished.

  17. Got it in one, we are jealous!!


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