Friday, 11 June 2010

blog win......

Kate was having a giveaway and I was lucky to win these beautiful fat 1/4's..............
Thanks heaps Kate it was a nice surprise in the mail this week.
Big frost here this morning and I am off to the mountains hills for the day for a class excursion..........tell me why did I say I would do this's going to be pretty cold up there.
Visitors arriving later today for the longweekend here. Yep she has planned
to pack the sewing machine so we will be doing some sewing and maybe rodeo
and a quilt show if we get into town. Lots of motor bikes for the kids and
maybe a bonfire and campovens.
Have a great weekend!

Catch you later..............
PS I couldn't get this post up this morning so now i'm home..........survived the mountains.............was pretty darn fresh up there.................not too bad 1/2 the time except when the wind blew..........then it was time to pull the scarf up around my ears.........the car said 11deg when I was leaving after lunch...........
Visitors arrive safe and sounds.....


  1. Congrats on your win... Love those fabrics. Sounds like a usual busy weekend at the Chooky household.
    Who's there this year?

  2. Lovely win
    I just wanted to say thanks for your Blog tutorials I have finally learnt how to reply to my comments by sending them to my email Thanks to you

  3. What a lovely gift! Enjoy! Fresh here too...missing your company!

  4. Congrats on your Win...Noice fabrics..Enjoy your Visitors...

  5. Sounds like fun, have a great weekend

  6. Enjoy your weekend...sounds like lots of fun!! Cathyx

  7. Have a lovely weekend Chooky - I'll be thinking of you with your friends. It is very bleak down here but that doesn't worry me a scrap as I'll be in the sewing room!!

  8. Beautiful green fat quarters :) Lucky you!

  9. What lovely fabrics, you will have some fun with them! Freezing cold here too, sure is winter. Enjoy your weekend with your visitors.

  10. Hi. congrats on your win ;-)
    lovely green fabrics- wonder what you will make of them. Hugs ;-)

  11. Beautiful fabrics. Congratulations!

    Glad to see you survived your "mountain" trip. (grin) My 11 yo just left with his oldest brother (26) to head up to the mountains for the day. They're expecting snow today. Brrrr! Didn't think to pack a scarf for him. Wish i had. He does have many layers, a ski jacket and hunter's hat with ear flaps. Should be ok.

    I'm gonna sit by the fire all long weekend and stitch. ;o)

  12. Oh I just love all of these fabrics how lucky you are.


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