Monday, 8 November 2010

Nine patch swap............

The wonderful Julie organised the Great Nine Patch Celebration Exchange
I received them in the mail last was SOOO exciting opening the parcel to see what fabrics everyone had used.........
Now the good problem is what to do with them..........they will have to wait for a few weeks...........maybe even until the Chrismas school holidays and I will work out a plan for them......
....heaps of different girls made blocks and sent them all to Julie and she swapped them around so we all got 2 blocks from all the participants and then Julie sent them back to us..........
30+ girls in the swap - thanks everyone for your blocks 
Thanks heaps Julie for all your swap work...........much appreciated.
Catch you later..............


  1. Pretty nine patch blocks! It will be fun to see what do do with them! Have a great week :-)

  2. how fun...can't wait to see how to assemble them

  3. Oh yes Julie did a huge job!
    I've got mine too! Exiting! Haven't had time to blog about them yet! Coming soon!
    Looking forward to see what you will do with yours!

  4. I am so glad yours got there...please enjoy!! Hugs to you, Chooky!

  5. I love 9 patches. I so love a good 9 patch quilt too. Looks like your going to have some fun making one now.

  6. They all look great. What a great swap.

  7. Oh isn't if un to have a "good problem". Have fun deciding how it all goes together.
    happy days.

  8. The nine patches look so lovely there.... so many ways to put them together too. Looks like lots of fun!

  9. O wat lovely they are. That will be a great quilt.

  10. what lovely pincushions you swapped, very nice. gr. Alice

  11. I see one of mine there on top of your piles :) The 9 patches are all gorgeous! I've already got all the blue ones into the center of a quilt top and am working on a second batch. These blocks demanded immediate attention at my house, LOL! Thanks for joining in.

  12. Hello again from the long missing Finn! *VBS* Just had to pop over and see what you are up to. Great 9 patches, and what fun to decide what to do with them. Julie is just the best, isn't she? Hope all is well with you. Hugs, Finn


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