Sunday, 27 March 2011

Follow by email...........

this post is for blog readers and bloggers.............
first up for the lukers / blog readers / quiet dedicated followers
this would suit people who just open a blog to see what has been posted......
.......if you use google reader that is better but for those who don't I have a solution............
This week I discovered that blogger has a new feature.
if you want to follow all my posts you can sign up with your email address on the top left side of my sidebar
see the box "follow by email" click in it and type in your email address - click submit. 
You will get an email to verify the subscription in your email account.
Once you have done that once a day you will get an email of any new posts I have put looks just like the middle section of the blog your reading right now (with the writing and pics)................
I added it to my other blogs too..........SAL and Snappy Friends
i have been testing it out this week and it works well. 
A couple of people have already found the box too.............thankyou.......
Now for bloggers..................
Sign into your blog
From the dashboard
Choose the "design tab"
"Add a gadget"
A box pops up
Choose "follow by email"
Click on the "blue plus box" then "save"
Another box will pop up and details should automatically be put into the
hope this helps..................i'll add it to the "how bits" on the left sidebar..............

I like how this is private and not a "competition" about how many "followers" people have...............
As i have said before.......
I would prefer to only have 10 people who really read my blog then 1000 people "follow" and not really read my blog......only there for a giveaway or freebies...............

Catch you later..............


  1. I have just set it up and put details on your blog
    thankyou chooky!

  2. I agree with you about numbers - though I have to admit being a stickybeak and interested in who is 'following' me - I often end up reading their blogs too if they have one!! Have added the email link ... if it makes life easier I'm all for it .... I personally tend to use the Google Next button and that takes me through all the unread updates of the blogs I follow... I confess to being a shocking addict... (shhhh)

  3. thanks chooky for the update

  4. You are such a clever little chooky - snd generous. Thanks again Chooky

  5. Thanks Chooky for the update and the tutorial on how to do this...

  6. Okay added it

    i love the "quiet dedicated follower"
    he hehehe

  7. Thanks Chooky. Didn't know about this new feature. Will investigate it now. Happy Stitching,

  8. Thank you for the mini tutorial I may have to try this.

  9. You have the best tips ... thank you so much!

  10. Huh! I didn't know this. Thank you. I like to have all my favourite blogs on my sidebar. I have it set up so that when they are updated they rise to the top on my sidebar. It works for me.

  11. Thanks for the tip Chooky.

  12. I'm giving it a whirl right now, I have to confess I really don't understand feeds, subscriptions etc. I sometimes have trouble adding blogs that aren't blogger ones. I think I have to add them manually to my google reader as subscriptions, they don't seem to come through like blogspot ones do. This email option could be a good one for those blogs for me(if they offer it I guess.)

  13. Thanks but I prefer to come to your blog and read it there. ( too much in my in box other wise ) Cheers Ali.

  14. Thanks Chooky I just added that to my blog.

  15. Thankyou once again Chooky for your advice. I had a great surprise, I'm on your list!!! Thank you so much...

  16. Thanks again Chooky. Your follow the pictures training is great for us new bloggers. Much appreciated. Tracee xx

  17. Thanks Chooky I have set it up as well....

  18. Thanks for sharing!!!
    I use the Google next button too, I like being able to see the whole blog.

  19. Nah...I'll just keep coming to visit you when I see that you've updated...this happens in my blog list on my blog. Don't know all the technicalities to it, but it sorts updated blogs to the top of my blog list, so I know you've posted. Yeah?
    Oh...and I do read your blog and am not into freebies. I have more stuff here than I know what to do with, without adding more LOL!

  20. Hope I have done this right.

  21. You are so knowledgeable and clever Chooky - thanks for sharing. what a girl!!

  22. Thanks for sharing and the to put my have a go

  23. So confused, but thanks Chooky, one day it may make sense...LOL...I don't think I need to change from the google reader that we set up do I????

  24. Wow, thanks for the tip- How cool. I just added this to my blog now- you are so sweet for sharing !

  25. I am with Shiralee stitches.So confused . i will just try to blog along for a while before i try. Thanks chooky

  26. Gosh you are a wealth of information... I too have added this feature to my blog. Thank you Chookyblue!!

  27. Thanks Chooky! I don't worry so much about how many but I do like to see who and then I go to their blog. One could also remove the followers off of the side bar so no one knows how many. I've thought about doing that.

  28. Oh I stop by everyday..when you post and read every word! Thanks for the info...

  29. Thanks chooky for the tip. If I amm going to use it I am not sure yet, but I will look in to it.

  30. And there's always NetNewsWire for us Mac users. ;-)

  31. Thank you - does it give our readers the option to unsubscribe if they wish to not receive the emails in the future?


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