Friday, 22 April 2011


I snapped these shearing photos the other day on my way to work.........not long before Bookworm came off the motorbike..........I would have got more but I just didn't have time.............
they work hard............
Everyone has gone to the woolshed to finish pressing up some wool bales so I snuck in to share these pics............
Bookworm is good...........bruises coming out............
Curly Pops and her baby boy Cops are good..........
more visitors arrived yesterday morning.........
Good Friday today so we have fish, prawns, hot chips, salt and pepper squid...........
Hope you all have a wonderful Easter and ANZAC Day on Monday 
Catch you later..............Chookyblue


  1. That looks like a nice shearing shed set up. Do you hire contractors to do the shearing or do you do it yourself?
    You have a great Easter too.
    Anne xx

  2. shearing would be very hard on their backs,happy and safe easter to you and your family,glad bookworm is getting better.

  3. Wow that looks like hard work bending over all day! Glad everyone is doing good in your household and farm animals.....Have a Happy Easter Chooky.....

  4. those pics bring back memories - years ago I worked for a while as a rouseabout in Otago, NZ. Really hard work but lots of fun too; met some great people. Glad your boy is recovering; hope you all have a happy and SAFE Easter, Chookyblue.

  5. These photos bring more of the memories back for me of the family farm in Adelong.

  6. Have a happy and safe Easter.

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  7. Happy Easter Chooky to you and your family...

  8. Glad your patients are doing well! Sounds like a delicious Good Friday lunch - yum!

  9. Reminds me so much of when I was little and shearing time...I was glad when it was over!! One time, a shearer cut my sheep quite badly...was I ever mad!! The ewe recovered quite nicely...

  10. Chookyblue, I find your blogs so interesting. There is the stitching, the friends, the family life (and your's is most interesting), the photography, the farm life, and now a piece of Australian history. I read back on your previous blog explaining your Countries holiday on Monday...ANZAC...and found that to me most interesting. Thank you for sharing that with us.
    Holly (Canada)

  11. Wow, these photos bring back memories of the old days! My husband was a shearer and me a woolhandler, loved the 10 years in the shed, lots of fun but lots of sweat!!! Hubbie still does afew to keep his hand in, but I don't miss it at all!!!
    Happy stitching, Michelle.

  12. Glad to hear that bookworm is on the mend. Men and their machines, lets hope he "gets it out of his system" before he is 18 and wants to ride on tar, yikes! Hope you didnt have to cook for all the shearers AND do the seafood for Easter as well?! My Mum always made swiss rolls for the shearers, hence it was our favorite time of the year! :) Happy Easter, ANZAC day and happy quilting Sue SA.

  13. What great photos Chooky- very Oz. Glad bookworm is getting better.

  14. Always I am astonished to see how quick men can shear a sheep. They do a very good job! I guess you had a lot to do during shearing time!
    Hope you're fine!


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