Monday, 4 June 2012


Late last week I got a parcel in the mail from one of my gorgeous bloggy friends...............
to "Chooky love Peg"
Hasn't she done so well thinking about this spoilt.............and precious it is the first thing to hang in my new sewing space which has been nice named the "chook shed" 
the tea-towels will be prefect for the new spot too...........
And for the girls who commented on Peg's blog yes I do LOVE were correct.....
(borrowed this pic from Peg)
Anyway back to the weekend........I was spoilt on the weekend.......... christening of the Chook Shed (no pics)............friends were supposed to be coming but for various life reasons some couldn't come............Lea rang late Friday so ask if was too late to come - absolutely not..........she was here bright and early Saturday morning and stayed Saturday night..........another friend had come and stayed Friday night...........then it rained on Saturday and some others who were coming couldn't it was a little disappointing missing time with them but we had a great time anyway............
enjoyed some glasses of champagne..........nibbles..........lots of cuppas
I felt so spoilt........I just played with bits and pieces............I haven't sat at my machine and sewed like this probably since before the cattle went out on the road last year...........but I felt so inspired and just played.........I worked on several things.............even got inspired to work on the sashing for a FQS BOM from way back..........If you recognise it do you have the directions for block 5...........
onto something completely different.........

Pumpkin Soup in the Slow Cooker
1/2 a pumpkin - peeled and cut into chunks
medium sweet potato
1 litre chicken stock
2 small/medium onions
sprinkle of nutmeg
teaspoon coriander (dried) (couldn't get fresh)
Into the slow cooker for 3hrs on high (because I was little late getting it on)
Then I took out about 1/2 the chicken stock.
Mashed the pumpkin roughly in the slow cooker and then pureed it with the hand blender.
Pour in a tin of coconut milk 400grams.
Warm through and it is ready to serve.

A cold wet weekend perfect for champagne, soup and late night sewing with friends........
Hope your weekend was wonderful too............
Catch you later..............


  1. Peg has done a lovely job on the wall hanging - very special. Sounds like a wonderful weekend at the chookshed. It was cold, so I'm glad you got to enjoy good company and warm food.

  2. what special ladies you both are,love what Peg had made you Chooky.Looks like you have been up to lots of fun with your buddies stitching and eating,what a great combination Chooky and thankyou for the soup recipe,i am making your chicken one tomorrow night.xx

  3. Luv are one very special friend....Dale and I were there in spirit, glad it was a good weekend...we will be there next time for sure..xxxx

  4. Wish you a nicer autumn time.We have a cloudy spring day but +14,2C.Warmer and warmer......

  5. I love what Peg has made for your chook shed sounds exciting(I must of missed that bit of exciting news before) and I'm looking forward to pics.
    I had just decided on your slow cooker curry chicken for tea tomorrow with pumpkin soup before I read your post, but I am now going to try your recipe for the soup too...sounds yum with coconut milk!

  6. the glass & the nibblies within arms reach of the sewing machine... that reminds of why i need a bigger table in my sewing space!! LOL

  7. Your soup looks amazing! Glad you had a good weekend.

  8. What a great pressie for the new SHED !!! Glad you had a great "opening"

  9. hey works! I can comment!!...thanks

  10. Its a fantastic wall hanging! Cant wait to see photos of the "chook shed"

  11. I'm sure your new space will make a big difference - and a celebratory opening is just what you need!

  12. What fun just sitting and creating in your new "chook shed" The new/ old chair looks the part there. So I guess we will see lots of sewing now. Love you peg present !!

  13. so what's this about a new chook shed for the sewing chooks?? Love the chooky hanging from Peg LOL
    Glad you got to have some time at your machine ( recognised that BOM I think I am up to block 5 LOL) and even better that you had friends there!!

  14. The soup looks wonderful. I think I will be trying that today! Thanks for the recipe.

  15. Thanks for the pumpkin soup recipe. I will save it for october (Halloween) - the only time we can buy pumpkins here in Norway.

  16. Lovely little quilt.
    I like pumkinsoupe.

  17. woohooo congrats on the offical opening of the CHOOK SHED!!!! I can envisage many weekends sewing retreats there lol
    Pumpkin soup recipe sounds yummy!! and yay Peg again for her gorgeous pressies, wonder where the "Nundle Peg and Dale" are lately??

  18. Hey Chooky nothing wrong with being spoilt...make the most of deserve it...
    I like Anthea's comment ha ha!
    I'm trying your recipe today as I made some stock for a dumb you put the stock back into the soup?
    The Chook Shed...sounds like a lovely space especially with a champers and mates...Have a great day

  19. Obviously you deserve to the spoiling Chooky. It sounds like the Chook Shed is the place to be. Enjoy!

  20. A great time was had by all I believe....and a new blog identity was born!

  21. the chook shed sounds like a fun place... love the hanging from Peg...

  22. Isn"t Peg ever so clever
    Lovely post

  23. Lovely wall hanging, so apt for your "chook shed" - looking forward to pics of the chook shed.

  24. That wallhanging is so cute and perfect for both of you - congrats on christening the chook shed - need photos though and yum!!! pumpkin soup! Enjoy!

  25. Oh it sounds like you had the perfect weekend...minus the rain...but then I do love rain myself! What great suprises you received! have a great evening!!

  26. Your wall hanging is very cute! Looks like you had a fantastic weekend sewing in your new "Chookshed"!

  27. Fantastic news, so happy for you that the Chook Shed is finished and now been christened! Pegs gift is awesome, she's a clever girl too....
    Pumpkin soup looks great.... perfect for a busy weekend sewing and celebrating. Enjoy your new sewing space!

  28. Oh sounds like the perfect weekend!!! Sewing, sewing and more sewing!!! along with good food, wine and friends!

  29. What an appropriate gift from Peg. Funnily, one of the very first things I made was a little wall hanging featuring that same chook. It still hangs in my kitchen. It must be so exciting having your chookshed up and running. Blast the weather making it hard for some of your guests to get through. I'm sure you will have many happy hours there. It certainly was the weather for soup, as is today.

  30. Spoiled rotten. I'm not sure I'd let me near a sewing machine after a glass or two of the fizzy stuff!


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