Saturday, 26 January 2013

Caring with Quilts on Australia Day.......

Australia Day is all about being Australian and to me being Australian is helping your mates (friends) out when they need it so I think today is the day to get my plan together and ask for your assistance. 

I have been thinking about this all week..............what could I could I do it............could I do it..........well then here we go there is no stopping now................
The Wambelong Fire in the Warrumbungles Shire 
 to date 
56,000ha has been burnt out
53 homes destroyed
120 shed/out buildings
unknown livestock, machinery, fences etc
The fire is still being controlled today nearly 2 weeks since it started..........
So how can you help.............
If you have a completed quilt that you would like to donate to the people who have been affected by the fires in Warrumbungles Shire could you please leave a comment on this post so I can contact you.
I have been in contact with a couple of friends and we have 7 quilts between us now..............
I am unsure of the ages of the people affected but I did see a mixture of ages when I spent a day at the recovery centre............

What you can send me..............
a completed/bound quilt with a label and a letter/postcard from you with your contact details so if the recipient wants to contact you they can
(Unfortunately I can NOT take blocks etc to put quilts together as i don't have the time, skills or resources available to do this)

The quilts will be distributed via the 

Quilts can also be dropped off to 
Kerry @ Cottage on the Hill Nundle
Anni @ The Home Patch Bathurst

If you are unable to send a quilt but would like to assist people affect by the fires you can make a donation to Blazeaid.

Blazeaid assists farmers to rebuild their fences after fires and was formed after the 2009 fires in Victoria.
 The organisation  operates with volunteers offering time to go and work with the teams in the areas rebuilding fences. 
They have a donations wish list page and also a page about volunteering with them. 
All donations no matter how small add up and will benefit farmers in the areas they have set up base camps at the moment. 
Coonabarabran's Blazeaid camp is being set up as I type...........
I do hope you can help..........
please spread the word........
.........take care til next time.....Chookyblue.........


  1. Hi Donna, I can definitely send you a quilt - just let me know.

  2. Wonderful idea Chooky. I am very proud of you & I hope that the VERY many people that read your blog are able to support your cause. Happy Australia Day xxxx

  3. I dont have a completed quilt just yet, but I am working on it!

  4. I am not able to share in the quilt making but have put up a post for you. The photos on Blazeaid really bring home the huge task involved in refencing and bridging. Thanks for sharing. Cherrie

  5. Chooky, you continue to amaze me. I shall share your request.

  6. Chooky I have just completed an I Spy Kids quilt. Where can I send it please...

  7. I have a child's quilt I can send. Ley me know your post details.

  8. You are amazing! Not much chance of a quilt from here :( but I will check with Mum, think it will be a donation to Blazeaid.

  9. Thanks for those links Chooky.... me and some others were wondering where we could send something....

  10. I have three quilt tops Chooky, my goal is to get these done for are is

  11. Fantastic idea Chooky. I have a top for you, just need to find a generous machine quilter. If I hand quilt it who knows how long it will take!

  12. Hi Chooky, do you have a timeline on this? I have a quilt that is half quilted, I could prob get it quilted and bound in a fortnight, will this be too late? Ta, Cathy xo

  13. Cooky, I would love to send a quilt. Let me know where to send it an I will have it in the post.

  14. I don't have a quilt but will head over to Blazeaid.

  15. You are a champion Chooky!...Great Aussie spirit!...I have a baby quilt heading your way...(send me the address plz) Xx Lea

  16. Lovely well written post, for those not able to donate a quilt have you thought of sewing kits for families that have lost everything. After 2009 bushfires here in Victoria, sewing kits were collected with all the basics in a nice little sewing bag, I also saw that they are doing the same in Tasmania now after their fires. Thoughts are with those affected by fires & now flooding.

  17. Happy belated Australia Day to you, and what a wonderful gesture to donate quilts to the people affected by the bush fires. Also a great idea to link Blazeaid for those of us who don't have completed quilts!
    Hannah :o)

  18. Hi Chooy, I have some quilts to send ... cot sized, lap and bed sized. Let me know where to send them. At the moment they won't have labels. Not a lot of free time till after the wedding.

  19. PS: fantastic idea and such a wonderful thing for you to do.

  20. Count me in .... send me the details and will forward by end of week..... you are so wonderful ...

  21. Hi Chookyblue ������
    Just saw your blog post and would really like to thank you for the opportunity to donate a quilt!
    Please let me know the details have one all ready to go��
    Cheers Patrizia ��

  22. Hi Chooky I've got a quilt to send just let me know where to send it.

  23. This is a wonderful thing for you to do Chooky. I have a quilt to send to you xx

  24. Wondering how I could help.I have donated quilts to Vic fires, Qld floods, USA fires and Siblings Together in the UK over the past few years. I have several quilts I can donate to you. Please let me know where to send them.


  25. Would love to help - no quilt finished at present - is there a date to be finished by? Would be happy to make one

  26. What size quilts are you looking for Chooky? x

  27. Hi Chooky, Sorry just learning this blog business! My email is
    Have remembered a nearly finished quilt that I will finish for your project - where do I send it and when does it have to be sent by? Great to see 23 quilts for the project.

  28. Yes Quilt still ini progress but have been working on one for you to add to your collection. suzie and dawnie

  29. Hi...I have been looking for someone to send a couple of simple quilts that I have made ( a cot quilt and a large lap quilt)...I would love to know that someone in need could use them. I have a couple more pieced that I could get quilted if they are needed...

  30. Hi, I have a couple of quilts to send, am I too late????


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