Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Caring with Quilts update.............

Caring with quilts is going very's been getting some other media coverage as well as what we have all shared online and I am getting people contact me about more quilts.............
Quilters are amazing people there is no doubt about that............
Nicky (New Zealand) and Maree sent these yesterday
Last weeks mail was from
Yvonne, Brenda, Margaret, Patrizia, Marc, unknown lady, and Lynda sent 7.............
Someone else arrived the other day - Peg and Dale.................they now have a passport and travel bag......these girls have luggage - probably since they went to Japan as they did come back with some serious luggage.............of course they had to check out the quilts............
And when I add all those to the pile I have 
50 quilts.........
this is an amazing pile............
The Googy Girl has organised the Traditional Nine Patch Swap..... 14 blocks for February are done....I had to start with blue........... 
OK crawling back into my hole until we get some rain................proper rain....
.....I could be gone for awhile........they keep forecasting it and we get nothing........that's worse then when they don't forecast any rain - you don' t get your hopes up..........
Catch you later..............


  1. Fantastic effort with the quilts, such a great response. Gorgeous blocks. Hope you get some rain soon.

  2. WOW - NZ Post/Australia Post have done themselves proud.... I only posted the parcel on Friday! Was going to email you today to say keep an eye out for it lol
    What a fantastic bundle of quilts, I'm sure they will be appreciated.
    Love the nine patches, and I really hope you get some rain soon...

  3. well done ladies a lovely lot of quilts there,lots of lovely people to be wrapped in love and comfort.xx

  4. I so, so wish I could send you some of our rain. We get so much that summer has been lost to some hazy humid weather that won't even dry the towels properly. Maybe in March we could do a bit of swap - we'll send you our rain if you send us your dry? Congratulations on the great number of quilts. Are you still wanting more? I made a start on one but will not be likely to finish it for a couple of months due to my slow health. Cherrie

  5. Thsts a great tally - hopefully mine will be there soon! Love your 9 patches.

  6. working hard on mine too - hopefully will be done by the end of the week. They all look so gorgeous.

  7. Lots of goodies there, Chooky! :)

  8. This is amazing, such a pile!! Sorry I couldn't help out this time. We're needing rain over here too - incredible how quickly a place can dry out.

  9. Lots of lovely quilts there. Wish I could send you some of our rain. Hugs.....

  10. Amazing result with the quilts,well done. Wishing you rain and more rain. Sharyn:)

  11. Wow these blogging girls are just totally awesome. Fabulous response to the "caring with quilts" this one should be finished soon. Also glad to see Peg and Dale out and about, they were so naughty to disappear , a, missing them

  12. 50 quilts that's amazing. I am sure every one will be appreciated. Feel so bad for you all out there, praying for rain and the cows...

  13. wow so many quilts .....that's fabulous

    my top is finished waiting for me to piece the backing and start quilting.....aghhh the quilting always freaks me

    congrats on finishing the blocks they look great
    very them

  14. Great to see the old Chooks out again! Watch out they don't make nests in those beautiful quilts....Have stopped rain dancing for you...I think it's putting the rain Gods off!! Xx

  15. love your 9 patch blocks... and what a fantastic pile of quilts you have got.... excellent...

  16. Chooky,
    I know you sent me a link for a place in the states that I could order Red Home Book....but could you send it again. I am so envious of all that the SAL girls are that bag.
    Mama Bear

  17. Wow!! That is amazing that people have been so generous and you're doing this for such a great cause!! (I'm back.... again! MW)

  18. I'm a quiet reader and observer of your blog!!! I just posted on my blog and mentioned the Stich-A-Long, although I'm not participating, nor have the books being used, I'm busy stitching up other things I like and want to make from various magazines.

  19. Have you got any decent rain out of this lot? Wish I could send some over the mountains to you. I hear Tamworth got some, it must be your turn next.

    From marynan at wet, wet, TEA GARDENS

  20. So Glad you Finally had some Rain....the Boy's are getting Organised again....seems to come round Quickly lol
    Great Response to the Quilt Drive Well Done!
    Take Care


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