Monday, 24 June 2013

Feedly views....

If you use google reader you MUST change now before it dies 1st July
For those who view there blogs on their dashboard then I think you are ok as the feeds there comes from some other feed thingy...........
Just thought I would show you some pics from feedly.......

sorry with no computer things are a challenge - i'm currently borrowing mum's computer but I can't do all your normal things on it.......all my programs and links etc aren't on it....anyway.........
Not the best pics but you get the idea...........Feedly will give you a choice of views of your blog feeds.........
on the left there are a list of the blogs you subscribe too........this is the right side of the screen
See the little icons in the top left of the pic???
This is title only view
This is magazine view........
This is cards view.......
this is the full article.........this is how I view mine..........this makes it look the most like google reader..........
also down in the left hand corner - below your list of blogs you will find the preferences where you can change some other settings............
Really I don't care what you change to but change before the 1st if you use google reader.........
if you don't know what google reader is don't worry...........

a sunny but chilly wild rainy weather here like along the coast......
Catch you later.....


  1. Good info, just having a few teething issues!

  2. I love Feedly! It's been working out great for me! :0)

  3. I use the dashboard so I'm not thinking I need to change. Wish people didn't have to worry about this at all! ugh

  4. I have no idea what reader I am using...... How do I find out?

  5. Eeeeekkk. This is all to hard for me. Think I'll be an ostrich and put my head in the sand then wait and see what happens.

  6. Back to tell you that 'I did it' I signed up on feedly. It was super easy to do even though I've never used a reader before. Verdict... looks great to me. It is so much easier to read my favourite blogs... I'm hooked. The beauty of it is my blog dashboard is still there so no need to feel I've launched into open water in a leaky boat!
    Thanks for the little push in the right direction....Hugs

  7. thanks... I hadn't worked out that preferences... so much easier when someone talks me through....

  8. Thanks Chooky,
    I'm not sure what Google feeder, I use my sidebar bloglist and dashboard, so I hope that stays..
    I don't have time to learn something new..
    Julia ♥

  9. So used to feebdly now, I love it. It's on all my devices so if I am on my own at lunch I can catch up with my blogs

  10. Pretty wild weather here over the last few days/nights. Would love to send some of the rain over the mountain range.

  11. thanks for the info and help Chooky.
    as I use dashboard I hope I will be right.

  12. Dum dum here ,... ok if i have downloaded it, where to I find feedly??

  13. Thanks for all the info Chooky - it's been a great help for those of us not so technically minded

  14. I remember you bringing up the change a long time ago so looked in to Bloglovin which I found really easy to use. I just saw your post on feedly but hoping bloglovin is similar as I don't want to change now. Thanks for the post.

  15. Ive bee fiddling with feedly too but I am such a creature of habit and will take awhile to adjust I think:)

  16. Bugger, I forgot to do it before the 1st and now I can't transfer it over :(
    It's also over capacity :) Poor Feedly


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