Saturday, 1 March 2014

quiet life.....

It's really quiet when the phone is dead
It got sick on Tuesday and died on Thursday morning
It is diverted to my mobile but that is not much use when you don't have good mobile service in the bush.........
Was supposed to be fixed by Thursday 7 pm but a nice lady who even spoke english and was in NSW Australia rang to say maybe Friday arvo but probably Monday... She even gave me her return number....OMG....
But by the time I was heading home from work Friday Mr Chooky rang (from his mobile) to say we had no power the line was down locally..... Thankfully the power people work faster then was back on before dark.......

.........take care til next time.....Chookyblue.........


  1. Sometimes it nice to be quiet...but a phone is an essential part of life...hope its revived quickly.

  2. glad it is back on. You certainly had good service

  3. You are an inspiration to me with your tough resilience. We are having a dreadful winter here in Minnesota and terrible heating bills but we have no animals depending us and have not lost power or phone service. A relief to read you got some rain, Chooky. Hugs from the icebox!

  4. One thing after another...stay strong.

  5. My "helpful" lady was Charlotte from Telstra didn't cut down the 3 weeks without a phone and she was no help what so ever. I think she was glad when she got my message bank instead of talking to me but I always rang her back, especally when they kept telling me it was fixed and it wasn't

  6. Let's hope it gets back soon ...

  7. So thats what happened when Bernie tried to ring last week. We were just saying hi.

  8. Dealing with phone companies would has become a stressful experience. Hope service is restored pretty soon!


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