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Chooky's Virtual sewing Salley

The post below is from Salley...........she doesn't have a personal blog but we have been interacting for several years now.........she wasn't going to miss the party.....she even got an appropriate alcohol..........a label called The Black Chook....perfect I say............
She's had an issue with "Fabulon" has anyone else...........and then below the photo is how her men folk survived the weekend I think my name maybe mud in her funny....

From Salley..........
An image of my hard work from the weekend. Beginnings of a Scrappy Trip.
Dont look too hard . . I had an infuriating time with them.....

4 months ago I was working on the same design . . .different fabrics . ... I would cut my 16" x 2 1/2" strips, spray them with fabulon, let them dry-ish, iron/press them, line them up and sew, cross cut and sew . . .  Hey presto  . . .total gorgeousness.
This time . . . cut the 16 x 2 1/2" strips, spray with fabulon, let them dry-ish, iron/press them, line them up and then SCREAM
Many of them had shrunk by 1/8 th inch sideways. Nothing was matching up and then no junctions would match up either.

So, I had to spray the fabric first/ iron etc before cutting my strips. A lesson to be learnt.
I believe many quilters use some expensive product to stiffen their fabric, but I'd never had an issue with fabulon before.....has anyone had any issues...........or what do you use????
Anyway, I have to thank you for a great weekend . . . . . 
I let the men folk know early enough that I was "not available" on the weekend . . .that I would do Sat and Sun lunch . . . but it was up to them to sort themselves out for the dinners.
Well talk about hilarious. Son took it in his stride and not only did banana pear Muffins, but also Spatchcock and amazing vegies on the Saturday night. Glad that his responsibilities were now over, the pressure was on hubby.
Who did not cope.
Who wasted too long wandering around Woolworths like a stunned mullet.
Who was handed a Jamie Oliver recipe sheet and still was wetting his pants. 
Who managed to collect nearly all the ingredients
Who did not enjoy the AFL on telly that afternoon because he was so stressed.
Who pulled the pin and ordered Pizza at 6pm

Oh well . . . it proved a point. And I got lots of lovely sewing done and cutting out and fabric pulling and generally just made sure I "did" my thing. 


  1. Salley's story was hilarious!! I am glad everyone survived and she was able to join in your birthday party!

  2. Such a funny story. Glad she was able to join you for you. Hugs,xx

  3. Salley's Trip Around the World is going to be gorgeous...and her family, too funny!

  4. Good on you Sally, glad you had a great time. Sometimes our men folk need to learn how to survive and appreciate. Your trip around the world looks great , keep up the good work.

  5. love it,well done Salley,awesome and funny story.xx

  6. Salley - sorry about your fabulon exercise - I wouldn't ever have thought to cut then spray so I guess cutting and spraying do work better - then again I hardly ever sopray my stuff _ I only do it to get out bad creases and I use that "expensive" stuff - but its gorgeous Tell your husband it's time to "man up" what a wuss!!! obviously he needs more practice.
    A great story Chookyblue!

  7. Beautiful blocks Sally and well done on not jumping in and saving the meal :o)

  8. I love Salley's story. Nothing like going all out and cooking spatchcock! I wouldn't even attempt that!

  9. Why is it that we have to organise our men? I shop and prepare meals for hubby if I'm going away but if he goes away ... he just goes away!
    I must say, my man is a very capable cook but I feel guilty if he isnt left something to eat.

    I did the Jamie Oliver roast chicken and couscous last night and it was yummy - and I'm not fond of couscous!

  10. A 'successful' weekend away on all counts I would say. Every post about the Chookshed that appears in blogland is about a great 2 days sewing and wonderful friendships - a special weekend indeed Chooky!!!

  11. Good on you Salley! It just goes to show that you need to do it more often!!

  12. Great story about mancoping skills!!! the blocks look great... in spite of causing trouble!


  13. That was such a funny story - poor hubby having his lack of man-cope shared with us all. lol. I havent used Fabulon but I use Crisp which is similar (pressure pack, supermarket, and ok price) as it is the one recommended at the quilting shop before that "expensive stuff" was available in Aus. I havent noticed any shrinking problem. Your blocks are looking great.

  14. Great story! I used to cook up and freeze meals if I went away and would often come home and find then still there - the meals had were pizza and chinese, so now I don't bother!
    Haven't attempted lots of squares like Salley.

  15. Sally: My husband would have done the same thing,ONLY he would have known he was going to order out and would have skipped all that stress!
    I'm sure you had just as great a time at the party as I did. The quilt is great and if your worried about 'things' ask yourself...will anyone see the 'things' driving by my house going 60mph looking in the window?
    Hey to you ChookyB!
    D.G. L

  16. Ha ha Great story Salley....Men! The only time I ever sprayed fabric was when I was doing heirloom sewing on really soft voile fabric so I have never had that experience....Good luck with the rest of your quilt... Kate

  17. Ha ha Great story Salley....Men! The only time I ever sprayed fabric was when I was doing heirloom sewing on really soft voile fabric so I have never had that experience....Good luck with the rest of your quilt... Kate

  18. so funny , so real for some. That would not be my hubby but would be my Dad...not even sure if he would/ could order Pizza....LOL love him to bits though.

  19. Just home from some days away to see this "Guest Post"! Thanks Chooky.

    And thankyou to all the quilters who have left me the encouraging words about the Scrappy Trip blocks.

    Too funny...there seem to be a few men out there who are Nervous Nellies in the kitchen!


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