Sunday, 17 August 2014

OMG what a day....:)

What I thought was going to be a failure of a day turned out to be SOOOOO much fun..........the weather effects everything you do.......even socialising out I thought when it was raining today it was not going to happen............but as we are in the "drier" area a few friends still came.............
it was long.............lunch turned into tea.....there certainly was not a drought in the drinks..........
we have discussed so much........
  • laughed heaps
  • farm accidents
  • international wars
  • how much us girls love HATE desilting with our husbands
  • laughed lots
  • the fact that we have been able to desilt dams for about 10 months or more as it's got to be bad when you can desilt dams
  • what we would do with the $70million Powerball draw if we won - we'd probably still be farming
  • how we could make money - farm stay/bush experiences of course our personalities would win everyone of the friends has a house we could use for this.....would anyone ever come
  • adopt a wild kangaroo program
  • better still dump all the kangaroos in your back yard to see what it is like when they eat your food and income..........then maybe you would adopt our roos to keep them away from you
  • the city country divide - how far do city people like to drive - basically we have friends and family who don't like to travel this far west so what could we do to get others to drive out here
  • we have laughed and laughed and laughed
  • dreamed how we would treat ourselves if when we won the $70million in Powerball
  • how some schemes waste so much money buying perfectly good houses and renovating them as they have an endless bucket of money
  • laughing some more
  • cured all the problems of the world
  • wished for peace and are so thankfully we live where we live
  • how we needed a secretary to write all the letters we wanted to write
  • how do we put the farming story/life out there to educate the town/city
  • how our dirt roads are bad
  • so many funny much fun
oh and 15mls 22mls (late night downpour) of rain so far.............definitely not drought breaking but it will help.......too late for many crops..........
but as friends we keep each other going...........
.........take care til next time.....Chookyblue.........

PS decided it was best not to post this late Sat night so posted early Sunday morning


  1. I'd like to see the original late night version of this post ;)
    Sounds like you had a great night, hope there was singing of happy birthday too.

  2. The healing power of friendship and laughter......sounds wonderful and great to hear the passion for life on a farm.

  3. What fun - you are all the best therapy for each other. And I think that those of us not from a farm have learned so much from your posts, Chooky. Do hope the postie did a good job on Friday and that your birthday was memorable in a good way.

  4. I suppose "spell check" helped?
    Sounds like a wonderful day/night.
    FIngers xx for MoRe rain. :)

  5. sounds like perfect therapy...

  6. Hi chooky ,just what you all needed and i am glad you got some rain,hope it keeps coming for you all,oh and sorry i didnt know it was your birthday,happy birthday my friend and i hope you had an awesome time with fairygirl.xx

  7. Glad you got some rain ,let that soak in and then the drought breaking rain can come.....ever hopefully.
    Sounded like a get girls 24hrs

  8. So glad you got some rain. It's certainly worth celebrating...and the company of good friends.

  9. Glad you finally got some rain. Sounds like a great night.

  10. Glad you got a little sprinkle. Sorry it wasn't more. Loved your post. You are truly inspirational women and I love how you support each other with affection and humour. Our country is blessed to have each and every one of you xx

  11. Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday dear Chooky
    Happy Birthday to you!

    Sounds like a good one.....wishing you a wonderful year ahead! Nothing better than solving the world's problems 'round the kitchen table.....and sending a Bubbly Cheers your way!

  12. Wonderful!! So pleased you got some rain!

  13. Birthday girl...woo and kisses to you...rain and solving all those problems...sounds

  14. Ah, the rain at last.....every bit helps :) laughter too...apparantly!

  15. Happy Birthday!!!! Sounds like you and your friends have put the world to rights!! So good to read your dot for us all! Your posts need to be in a national newspaper so everyone can see what is happening to the farmers! Wishing you more rain!

  16. Yay..some rain though as you said not drought breaking, but I am glad you had some. I know how it feels to want some rain, though we have never had a drought as bad as yours we have had some beauts, then it goes the opposite and we get to much rain arrghh

  17. What a great Birthday present...friends & rain!

  18. Open up the farm experience to caravanners and Id be first there! Destressing with friends is the best. Sharyn:)

  19. hmm. too many bubbles hey ?????

  20. Love how you can focus on the bright side...22ml - was sincerely hoping for more for you all out there...we had a deluge during the night - well my husband says we did..I slept thru it all.

  21. Sounds like a whole lot of fun with good friends for glad you got some rain...hopefully there'll be more..

  22. Heard on today's news that there was rain up your way...and straight away I thought of you and hoped your area had received plenty. Hope more is on the way for you.
    Sounds like birthday wishes are in order....wishing you all the best!

  23. glad to hear you had some run, i am always wishing for Rain for you all.

  24. Great post Chookie,you're an inspiration.xx

  25. All Good. Belated Happy Birthday. You will never get city folk to appreciate just how much they NEED farms and the produce they produce. Most have very little idea and care even less. ( as a person from the land it never ceases to amaze me how uninformed some folk are.)

  26. Sounds like a great time you all had. Belated Happy Birthday. Glad you got some rain. Hugs,xx

  27. you got ONE ml more than me!!… thats a change!… so so glad you got rain and had a such a great day/ night!….nothing like rain to lift the sprits…( and champers!! ) Xx

  28. Good for you to be out and about enjoying a good time! You so need that down time! Cheers!

  29. Judging by the last few posts you have had a great time recently. :-)
    I would love to join you all there one year. I'm so much closer now, but still so far away!
    Wishing you more gentle rain. xx

  30. We would come to a farm stay, we went to a cattle farm along the plenty hwy Jervois station where my friend had been a govie when their kids were little. It was fantastic we followed the blokes as they were dehorning the bulls then went off to explore places on the farm by ourselves, took the mail out to the mail plane, checked the weather station and old bomb shelters, the 8 kids we had on a month long trip said the 4 days we spent there were the best. I grew up helping on a dairy farm but this was so different it was great and they didn't do anything special for us we just watched their usual chores.

  31. Nothing like rain and a get together to recharge the batteries. Let's hope for some follow up.

  32. Loved this post, Chooky! Nothing like friendship - because having friends to share and laugh with, means you already have more than any Powerball win. ;o)

  33. Laughter sure is good for the soul.


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