Tuesday, 16 December 2014

fussy cutting...........

I am just loving EPPing.............
The Home Patch had these great "fussy cutting viewers" to help with fussy cutting EPP's
I wanted to get the honeycombs but they had sold out so I got the 6 sided diamonds instead...........
They are getting more in............you can find them here.......
So then you can look at a piece of fabric like this...........yeh that might work.......
but add the mirror and instantly you can see what effect you will get.........so suddenly "yeh that might work" to wow that looks great..............
move it around on the exact same spot and you get a totally different look..............
and I have not cut anything yet.........
some patterns show up once you see all the repetition and you just have to go "wow"....
I have been tempted by "Lucy Boston" for so long...........
When I saw Sandy @ Shiralee Stitches was doing a Lucy BOM then I just had to join in..........
you can join in too..........
anyway must go................Lucy is calling.............

Catch you later


  1. I think you will have a ball with all those cut outs and mirrors!

  2. A great tool for the EPP lovers. Your fu,say cut star looks great.

  3. That mirror thing is so cool! :0)

  4. Wow that's a pretty amazing new toy.

  5. They look like great tools! Have fun.

  6. Great fussy cutting tool, what an effect this has. Amazing, I guess I would not have the time to cut, because finding out how a part of the fabric may come out, would keep me completly from cutting.
    Fun stuff, great toy to play with.

  7. wow Chooky this is amazing,what a wonderful tool,enjoy playing with Lucy.xx

  8. Love the mirror imaging! Looking forward to seeing these blocks....

  9. I love fussy cutting tools...I am using the honeycomb for my Lucy Boston that I just purchased and I love it...these blocks are so much fun to make I am now up to six blocks.

  10. how clever is that window and mirrors..... lovely blocks to make

  11. Oh WOW is correct... it does look stunning.
    EnJoY lucy and the sew-along! Merry Christmas :)

  12. I have one of those mirrors thingies too. It's great. But I got caught a couple of times making kaleidoscopes because the mirror reverses some of the pattern so what I got was not quite exactly what the mirror shows. I am just about to start my Lucy Boston POTC. Can't wait! I found a company in Melb that makes templates to order so I got the two I need with pin holes to help with exact alignment for marking as I am not using traditional EPP. But seeing what you have done I may have to dig out my mirror too. Thanks for the tip.

    I do love your stars. So pretty!!

    Fingers crossed that Santa brings you more rain. Merry Christmas.

  13. Great minds think alike, hey Chooky, I signed up on the weekend for Lucy Boston with Sandy, had been mulling ovef it, and just had to do it. I love EPP.

  14. Great post. If there was a time when i could possibly be converted to epp it would have tob e this one. I too have seen this quilt done ans is just amazing with the choice of combinations. Jist love what sandy has started with her kits,, cud be tempted!!! Yes the mirrors terrific, so much easier with good choice of tools

  15. Love EPP. By the way I am sitting in a motel room about an hour away from you! I am in Warren tonight.

  16. I have one of these I must find it ..so much fun Chooky my second block arrived today xx

  17. What great tools, I think you'll have a lot of opportunity for fussing cutting with Lucy Boston. I love that quilt.

  18. Wow Chooky that looks amazing with the mirror - you may yet get me to try EPP xx


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