Saturday, 29 August 2015

9th year...........

With a sprinkle of rain last weekend the daisies have all burst into flower......
yellow everywhere..........
With thanks to 2 elves who are willing to assist for the 9th year I am running the SSCS
849 Secret Santa Christmas Swaps
2015  ???
It isn't Christmas without the Secret Santa Christmas Swap......
basically it will only be open for the weekend...............
If you miss the sign up SORRY.............
EDITED ADDED I also need more overseas girls to Aussies to make the swap work properly so if I have too many Aussies the last couple to sign up may miss out........I will do the best I can though.....
edited again........the swap is still open but mainly for international girls.........

This swap is only for active bloggers......that is posting monthly at least......
(don't bother if you only do the darkside)
If you want to see what happened in previous years go to my labels (right sidebar) and choose Secret Santa Christmas Swap or SSCS08 etc
If you are a regular to the swap and many girls are you know the drill but if your not sure of the details you can read the rules below before you sign up........ 

If you want to join email (chookybluesscs at gmail dot com)(not my usual address)

 I will then email you a link for a form to complete. 

You can leave a comment on this post but to get the form you need to email the above address.............


If you have only come here to join the swap and never visited before this isn’t the swap for you......this is for my regular visitors......

Let the fun begin...........

The rules are simple

NO 1 Make a beautiful gift (love, time and effort required) – you can make whatever you want eg, bag, wall hanging, stitchery, table runner, Christmas theme (optional) ...send something you would love to receive... 
(not something you whip up in a couple of hours)

NO 2 Make a small decoration that can be hung on a Christmas tree (simple or fiddly up to you)

### Don't tell anyone who your SSCS partner is please. Don't share pics online of your parcel either intil it is opened. This is a secret until they receive their parcel or Christmas Day shhhhhhhhh!!!!!! A different person will be sending to you....

### international postage essential  - TRY AN KEEP WEIGH UNDER 500 grams to keep cost down

### You need to have an active blog .....posting once or twice a month.... so your partner can sneak a peek and get ideas of what to make for you and they know you are active.....therefore existing

###  Postage is ONLY  between 23rd and 26th November to ensure your partner gets their present before Christmas (reason for swap)

### Make sure you "thank" your Santa - very important and post about your present when you receive it..........

### If you are difficult to contact you may be dropped from the SSCS.....several times between now and the deadline I email out and you MUST if you are going away for a week or 2 just let me know

### If everyone can follow the above it will make for another very successful SSCS..... less headaches for me.........

### Any problems make sure you contact me sooner rather than later

Please don't sign up
  • if you are not prepared to send (non-senders are named)
  • if you’re too busy
  • you can't be bothered to blog
  • if you’re not committed to making and sending quality handmade gifts


  1. Hi Chooky!

    How exciting that you are having a 9th SSCS swap!

    Unfortunately, I have too many irons in the fire this year to participate. . . . . perhaps next year, if you have a 10th swap I will be able to take part.

    I wish all the participants as much fun with the swap as I have had in the past.

    Looking forward to seeing what the gifts look like this year.

    Have a wonderful weekend,

    Sherry V.

  2. Yay! I'm on its way....

  3. Oh happy Christmas! Email is on its way. And thanks for running the swap again, I know it's so much work for you. X

  4. email sent my friend ,whoo hoo xx

  5. Email sent out to you Chooky! Thank you again for running this fabulous swap again this year!

  6. I've sent my email. Would love to join in

  7. Yay! I'm sending my email right away! Thanks Miss Chooky & Elves xx

  8. Oh yes I would love to join, thank you Chooky and Elves, just going to send my email now,.

  9. ooh, yes please Chooky. I'll send you an email in a few minutes and I have just blogged to scrape in to the "at least one post a month" category. Phew. Thank you so much for running the swap again when you're so busy and it's such a huge job. I know that we all appreciate it and that Christmas wouldn't be the same without it.

  10. Just sent my email....very excited x Thanks Chooky xx

  11. I've sent an email too. Thank you Chooky for all you do for us.

  12. Oh yes please Chooky.... Will send you an email now.XX

  13. Email just sent. Thank you for doing this again.

  14. I think I will join up. After so many uncertain months I am finally moving and will be settled. I already have what I am going to do ready to pack into a pack last/open first box to go into the car haha

  15. I'd like to join in too Chooky......I'll send the email now.

  16. e-mail on the way thank you for doing again

  17. oh how I would love to join in again but with Mum being so sick I just cant this year but I hope to be in it again next year . I know you will all have an awesome swap hugs Beth

  18. Really true, there are no Christmas without SSCS. Thank you! :)

  19. Woohoo - thanks Chooky - email is on its

  20. Love to join in again. Email sent. Hugs,xx

  21. I have taken the plunge - email sent!!

  22. Thanks so much for organising this Chooky...looking forward to it.

  23. :)))) E-mail sent !!

  24. *doing a very happy dance*

  25. hope Im not too late ... as have not been here very much over the weekend.... fingers crossed x

  26. Count me in! I cannot break a tradition. I've been in this amazing swap since day 1! Cheers!

  27. I like the way you are so clear with the rules. I've never joined in your swaps because I always seem to be busy but I do enjoy seeing the swap gifts pop up on others blogs. Congratulations on 9 years of swapping.

  28. Hey Donna! Well, DRAT!! I go away for a weekend for the first time in months and I miss out on signing up for SSCS! SIGH!! Guess Santa's elves won't be visiting me this year ... I'll have to buy myself some gifts myself. :0) Have fun! Bear Hugs! KRIS xx

  29. Thank you , Email in the way to you,
    Kind regards Marika

  30. Ich habe Ihnen ein Mail gesendet vielen Dank für die viele Arbeit, die Sie auf sich nehmen.

    Grüsse Uta


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