Friday, 15 January 2016

catching up..........

bit of a revolving door here but it's stopped for's been great having friends calling in...........
we spent some time at the dam with the kids again the next night but Mr Chooky didn't have the BBQ and it was a bit hotter and no shade so we went home to cook the BBQ..........
snapped some of the belted Galloways for Josie @ Dilly Dimple
The guinea fowl have several nests in the garden...........I found 2 in the last week and they have a 3rd one they are nesting there is another one just on the garden fence outside..........they are pretty sneaky but when you get used to looking you can find them..........
see there in the middle thru the agapanthus leaves...........yep no one sitting on there so I went behind the bushes and snapped this pic below..........
this one is under an emu bush..........again a mountain of eggs.........I had raided a few nests but as the chooks are laying well now I will leave these.............
yesterday we went to check another property..............bare and I would prefer green but love this pic.............
I was a little envious the other day when Fiona @ BubzRugz received some design boards from Susan @ Oh to Sew..............I had some boards to make them on and had looked at them a few times in the last week or so but couldn't really remember what she said to do so it hadn't happened............
So I was "tickled pink blue" when these arrived in the mail...........
after some texts with Sonia @ Forever Always I started tidying and in order to tidy I had some fabrics sitting on the cutting bench to cut Lucy Bostons from so i got that done.......even cut a border for another project and got it attached..........slowly things are happening..............

I didn't even bother going to the shed this week as it was too is so different.......yesterday was it's currently 15 degs with a few spots of rain (nothing much to make a difference) yesterday the house was all shut up with the air con blasting and today shut up as the breeze is a bit fresh but ohhhhhh so nice.............we never get changes this cool..........usually when it's 40 a cool change is around 30............
ok must go and get some more posts my christmas ones..............and the bookwork is calling..........
Catch you later.......


  1. Wow! It looks so open where you live... Reminds me of programs on the TV of the African planes. And goodness I have never seen so many eggs in nests!
    Looking forward to seeing what your creating :)
    Smiles :)

  2. your property is beautiful chooky and boy i didnt know that fowls layed that many eggs,boy thats a lot.
    The dam looks a great place for the kids to cool down and have lots of fun in.
    Hope you have a lovely day my friend xx

  3. I know nothing about guinea fowl and am very surprised at how many eggs are in a nest

  4. They are sneaky your guinea fowl. There is a beauty about our wonderful country even when the conditions are harsh. We've got the lovely cool weather today too. So nice after the heat.

  5. It was 49 here yesterday too and today..... So cool. Loving it! Must be good to be getting back into a little stitching.

  6. I'm glad you have had a break from the heat! If all those eggs hatch what will you do with all those Guinea fowl? Happy stitching!

  7. Egg hunting so early in the year, Easter is still a few months away. So many eggs, wow.
    Great little design boards that you can put to good use.

  8. Gosh, I had no idea they laid so many eggs. I always learn something when I visit your blog.

  9. Glad you're finding some time to sew.....the cool change helped! So many eggs, do most of them hatch?

  10. Beautiful landscape pictures, what a great world we live in.

  11. Wow those Guinea Fowl are really busy. What a place of extremes we live in we had 46 degrees down here this week and then dropped about 20 degrees - crazy. Nice looking Lucy Bostons. xx

  12. Lovely to have a catch up ... enjoy that cool change :o)

  13. What a nice newsy post. Make the most of the cooler weather.. It will be pleasant in the chook shed. What a lot of eggs. I think you have surprised a lot is us with your pics. It sounds like you are off to a good start to the year.

  14. having visitors is wonderful.. but so is having the place to yourself.. even if only for a short while x enjoy x

  15. Enjoyed reading your lovely post... Boy those Guinea Fowl lay a lot of eggs... Do they all hatch?

  16. I can see lots of babies guinea fowls in your future! Love the little design boards, I have one to make as well....hmm, I know there is a online tute, I think I pinned it, let me know if you want me to forward it to you! THat might just fire me up to make mine! Love your cut pieces for Lucy Boston, now the weather is cooler hope you get some stitching time in the shed.

  17. Great post Chooky. Love those belted Galloways. Bee In My Bonnet did tutorials on those design boards. Hugs,xx

  18. I'm so jealous of your guinea fowl, I just love them... I never realised they have so many eggs to look after! so we are twinnies now with our design boards... so so useful....
    What a huge weather change .. it has got cooler here too which is a relief though we weren't nearly as hot as you....

  19. Wonderful to read your post Chooky, those nests are hard to find!! So many eggs, can you eat them or are they left to hatch into babies. Love that photo of the other farm...they sky looks so vast! Good to hear you had a cool change, we had a super hot day Wednesday but now have had a few cooler days. Fabric for the Lucy Bostons looks wonderful.

  20. Love the wide open expanse of the farm photo. And I'm with everyone else over the amount of eggs in those nests. You must tell us what you do about them. Do they all hatch? Do you eat them when the chooks aren't laying and do they taste the same?


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