Friday, 26 August 2016

Calves update.........

Hungry calves ready for milk.......
they suck and slobber on everything.............
Boris munching away on some grass... He has grown so much.......
a random flower in my walk around.......
Boris, Hetty and Big Love.....
Feeding left to right in each section..... 
Boris, grey boy, jo the jersey,  jersey girl 
FJ, Big Love (heart on her forehead), Spot, Fred 
Hetty, Black Boy,  No Love (probably needs a better name but she came the same time as Big Love and she doesn't have a heart on her forehead) 
Whitey wasn't on the feeder then but he is pic of him..
 a sea of daisies............
 so pretty...........
the poddies found the oats......... 
 Goatie aka Black Betty climbing all over Fred.........
she jumps up on everything.........she can jump very high and she is tiny..........
look at those little horns.......

Wow where did August go????

Catch you later.....

'Keeping the love of blogging alive'


  1. So cute at this point, yet they are beef steak on the hoof! Spring has come with all it's daisies, while here Fall is coming!

  2. Nothing like enjoying baby calves - looks like your's are enjoying the great outdoors! Our's start with names and then we forget...!

  3. So sweet! Thanks for sharing these precious babies.

  4. What a treat to see them all and they are looking great.

  5. Such lovely photos of your four-legged famiky. Their names are cute. I adote the goat.

  6. Such lovely photos of your four-legged famiky. Their names are cute. I adote the goat.

  7. August went in a puff of smoke - or feeding calves for you!!

  8. You have quite a menagerie there. Gorgeous little calves.... ours are all so grown up now.

  9. the calves are so sweet.. I just melt at their eyes... I bet the goat gives so many laughs?

  10. Loved meeting all the gang. Your Lucy is coming together beautifully. Hope the thumb is healing a little quicker this time.

  11. You know that spring is on it's way when you see those daisies in flower, we call them dandelions here! You certainly have your hands full with the calves!

  12. You certainly have your hands full with that little lot. They are growing nicely. I can't get over how lush the landscape is. It really is pretty at the moment.

  13. Hi Chooky Just wondering if everything is ok with you???

  14. I bet feeding those calves keep you really busy...that is where August went!!! Nice to see green and flowers at your place. Black Betty is very cute, seems goats climb kn everything, even Fred!!! Hopefully not your car. 😊

  15. I don't believe these photos are taken at your place can't be outback NSW ....may be kiwikid took them like the lush south island of New Zealand. How wonderful and more rain this weekend. Full dams for summer .. how nice.

  16. They are such cuties! The field of daisies are so lovely.


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