Tuesday, 14 February 2017

the journey.............

Life is a journey and you never know where it is going to take you..........
10 years ago on the 19th I started a journey..........
when I started the journey I didn't know where it was going to take me.........
who I was going to meet along the way........
the things I was going to do..........
the opportunities I was going to have along the way........
how long the journey was going to be.........
But the journey has gone on for 10 years.............
1800 posts (2 posts ago).............
and countless friendships around the globe......
posts made of sewing...........
quilt drives..... 
Chookshed birthday parties........
 but generally my crazy life.......
It's up to you...........
what are your memories of this crazy part of blogland where Chookyblue calls home.........

Catch you later.......

Keeping the love of blogging alive


  1. Wow, ten years! I was a lurker for quite a while before I started my own blog in the fall of 2014. In my few short years I have made so many friends who I yet to meet face to face. I am hoping to have a blog buddy get together in New England soon. Who knows, maybe we will get to Australia some day! Thanks for keeping the love of blogging alive.

  2. Congrats on your anniversary! You've done extremely well on your journey and I hope you'll keep going for at least anther 10 years. xx

  3. My journey began 7 years ago, and it's one of the best things I've ever done. I have friends around the world, and it's made the world a smaller place. I've swapped, and exchanged, and sewed along with a multitude of friends. I've attended sewing parties in a chookshed in Australia!! I've met a few of my blogging friends in person. And I've gained so much inspiration and skill and confidence from my blogging buddies. Happy anniversary to you, and thank you for being a blogging friend!!

  4. Hi Friend, so happy that you are a blogger and are still active. So many blog friends have ceased through the years. My first blog was created in January 2007 and even though I've had some bumps in the road, I'm back with this current newer blog and plan to stick around. I enjoy the exchanges of lovely photos and of ideas and especially of friendships that are made all around the world through all our blogs. xo connie

  5. 10 years !! it's awesome !!
    I'm glad to have "met" you in blogland !
    A bientôt !

  6. I've been reading your blog for quite some time now. I'm an elderly woman in Texas USA and find it very interesting how folks on the other side of the world live. My husband and I have been retired about 25 years now. I sew occasionally, read, enjoy our family very much. Keep
    on keeping on!

  7. Dearest Chooky, you and I started blogging in the same year. I really don't remember how I discovered you, possibly through Janice, back then I followed the links provided on other blogs seeking inspiration for both my creativity and my own blog. I was a cross stitcher, but blogging encouraged me to try P&Q and crochet. Like you I have met so many wonderful people, some of them in person, for real! One even lives right here in Timaru, she knew I was immigrating, but after a brief blog hiatus got such a shock to find me here in her home town! I loved your blog right away as soon as I found it. Your warmth and humour came over in the very first post I read. Since then I have come to know a kind and generous woman As the seasons come and go and you share the ups and downs of life where you live you show an enduring stoicism for all that nature throws your way, seeing something to appreciate and admire in even the hardest of times. Your own creativity is so very inspiring, encouraging us all to take part in sew a longs and swaps, offering advice and encouraging words where ever they are needed. I know how hard it can be sometimes to keep on blogging, my on blog right now struggling to return from a long break. I'm glad you are still here, still blogging and still a happy and cheerful chook. Blogland wouldn't be the same without you. Enjoy the slightly cooler weather while you have it, the forecaster said you are in for more of the wickedly hot stuff soon. Phew!!

  8. I think I've been visiting your blog now for around 5 or 6 yrs perhaps which probably started with one of the swaps no doubt. I've been blogging for 7 yrs last week.

  9. OMGoodness! I will have been blogging 10 years in March. I never even thought to look. Wow. Congrats to you. :-)

  10. thank you for introducing and helping me with blogging.... I'm so glad to have met you both bloggily and for real....

  11. What Miss Fiona said.....and I always love popping in for a visit to your corner of Aus. I so admire our women on the land and I think you are an inspiration xx

  12. Wow chooky if it wasnt for you so many people would not have meet ,you have been paramount in friendships building right through blogland and in so many countries.
    Think i have been blogging coming up to 6 years,lol i have lost track and to think roughly 5 years ago i had hardly set foot outside of my hometown and i was so ridiculously shy.
    Thanks to wanting to join in your xmas swap i started a blog not knowing what to do,your blog hints page sure was a help as was meeting one of my besties Cheryll who helped me heaps with my blog .
    I have gotten to meet some many fabulous people many who are good friends and not only that through blogging i have travelled to places in Autralia that i never dreamed that i would get to and through blogging it has given me the chance to grow more confidence and now i have even travelled a few times o/s's.
    So my good friend chooky thanks to you and your blogging ,you have opened up a big wide world out there and blogging has given me the chance to do so much with friends that i have made along the way.
    I also value your friendship and the love and support that you have there for your friends is amazing,you are one awesome chick chookyblue and i for one am so grateful that i found your blog.
    Congrats on 10 years,lol i would love to know how many friendships you are responsible for,it would be in the thousands.
    Sending you the biggest of hugs gorgeous lady xxxxxxx

  13. Woohoo! Happy 10th Blogging Birthday, Chookyblue! Amazing how fast that happened, isn't it? ;o) Here's to many more!!!

  14. Congrats on you 10th blogging anniversary.

  15. Congratulations on keeping posting for 10 years..
    I always enjoy visiting your part of Aussie. Loved joining in for your Santa Swap and your SALs.
    You have often helped me with different settings on my computer and blog...
    One day I hope we get to met..
    Hugz and keep on blogging. XXX

  16. I love how you always respond and keep in touch...I've just started year 11...was tossing up whether to throw the towel in but it's a great record for photographers like us

  17. 10 years ! True happiness for us all !
    About 5 years for my own blog. I have had beautiful virtual encounters, you are one of them and so are Jan and Simone, thanks to SSCS 2016.
    The blog is a great adventure, I hope it goes on for a very long time yet.

  18. wow and congratulations... you don't really know me but you would have heard about me... I haven't yet started my blog but I will soon...so look out... it was so nice to read all the comments and ditto...

  19. Congratulations on your 10 blogging years. I only found you recently but am so glad I have - your photographs are amazing. xx

  20. Congratulations on blogging for 10 years. Thank you for your friendship in blogging land it has been a real joy to be part of your SAL`s and Christmas swap`s. I have yet to meet those lovely people as well as yourself but feel part of your lives anyway. I hope we have more years of blogging. Happy Stitching.

  21. Congratulations Chooky - an amazing milestone. It was your Secret Santa that first drew me to your blog 5 years ago, but now I love to read about your farm life and garden, your sewing and your stitching days

  22. what a wonderful achievement xx I remember HEAT..... and DUST... and animals ....and you in the middle (mostly!!) having fun with the family and crafting and occasionally escaping!!

  23. Blogging is definitely a journey. It has helped me through a grieving process an I have met so many friends. I love communicating with so many at any time of the day. In my own time. It is lovely to follow you with your journey

  24. Looks like wonderful opportunities have presented to all, including myself. The bonus is also a great diary of our work and play.

  25. Where has that time gone? I started searching for patchwork patterns on line and kept coming across some blogs. This would have been in 2007. I finally made my first tentative step into blogging in January 2008. As I read some blogs I figured that, lo and behold, they were from central west NSW. Happy in Quilting and Chookyblue kept showing up. Then I read about the SSCS and on trawling through the participants came across "Manxgirl", which led to me meeting my first ever blogger - on the Isle of Man. In 2009 I joined in SSCS and then gradually, I got to know more bloggers on line and finally in person. "Chookyblue" seemed to be a blog that so many others were linked to. You also show your part of the world and life on a western NSW property to so many people who would have no usual way of seeing that side of life. Thanks for being a part of blogging and a great friend. Let's keep blogging alive.

  26. Happy Blogaversary! I met you through one of the SALs... and highlight was meeting you in real life last year! Here's to another 10 years of blogging and a few more "meets" xx

  27. My best memories are the friends I have made...those I have been fortunate to meet in real life and those I hope to meet with sooner rather than later 👭👭👭👭👭
    Amazing how time realy does fly when having fun in blogland xx

  28. Time flies, it doesn't seem as if 10 years has gone by, I started blogging in the same year as you, I have made quite a few friends through blogging and have even met some in real life. I've yet to meet you Chooky but I'm sure that will happen one day. Happy Blogaversary and hope we all have many more years blogging to come.

  29. Congratulations on 10 years! I have been blogging about 6 years, I think, and came across your blog through Sue SA, who told me to check out Chookyblue when I was having some blogging problems as you had a page of helpful hints. I have been reading ever since, and love your mix of sewing, blogging, and as an ex farmer I love to read of your farming posts.

  30. Congratulations on 10 years chooky, I love reading your blog and finding out about a completely way of life to mine. I love how blogging keeps a reocrd for us of what we have made, who we have seen, where we have been and what is happening in the home life. I have made many wonderful friends through blogging, some I have met in person, others I hope yet to meet. Blogs are inspirational, helpful, funy, sad, but most of all give us a sense of contact with many other like inded people world wide. Long may it last.

  31. Congratulations on 10 years of sharing!
    I haven't been following for that long and recently haven't been on the 'net much at all. Life can be like that, I find. I'm glad to be reading your posts again. So thanks from me. Memories? The most distinct one is following your struggle with the drought. Your words and pictures were really moving and brought the reality home to my house. I certainly admire your stoicism through all that and the challenges that your life throws at you. Looking forward to a great 2017 for you and yours and reading about your adventures here.

  32. I went into blogging specifically to find like minded people all over the world. Yours was the first blog I found and so I credit you with bringing the world to my fingertips. Then you took me in for SSCS and it all got even better. So, thank you!

  33. Great catching up today, my friend. Love my journey and it is wonderful sharing a snippet of yours.... I am a little like a headless chook sometimes but I wouldn't miss it for quids...cheers big ears

  34. A very happy blogaversary to you Chooky.
    It's always grea to visit your blog and follow your adventures, your life on the farm, your beautiful crafting and your sense of humour.
    Here's to many more posts and stories shared.

  35. Happy 10 years! We both started blogging around the same time (mine will be on the 22nd) and I've been reading your blog almost from the beginning. So, keep on blogging girl as we have lots more in us to talk about!

  36. I couldn't agree more! So glad our paths have crossed. Although you are oceans away, your friendship is dear to me! Happy bloganniversity! Hugs!

  37. Here, here, so glad to have met you through blogging....here's to another 10 years.!


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