Saturday, 7 October 2017


"Edwardsia"..............its official..............i've started my newest EPP..........because it needed  a name to start with since it will take some time I had to think of something............I'll explain the meaning at another time but it got me thinking..........have i ever showed you one of my EPP tins............what's the essentials in it..........what comes with a Lucy Block from Shiralee Stitches and what supplies you might need if you want to start English Paper Piecing (and yes you need to add the word English as foundation paper piecing is a whole different thing)
Here is one of my tins...........I love tins for EPP..........
- glue stick (missing) 
- glue refills  
- Bottomline thread 
- needles (always have a spare)
- thimble
- scizzors 
- optional thread cutter (on string/ribbon great when stitching in the car)
- nail file/emery board
- Hypafix (for my cracks if i get them in my thumbs)
- and of course prepared EPP project...........I use lots of snack size snap lock bags........keeps blocks or sections together until you join them together

I realised i had shown lots of packages and lots of blocks from Shiralee Stitches but not clearly what is in the package..........
I got one of the lastest Lucy Boston blocks........
So whats included..........
- your pieces of fabric
- paper pieces to make the block
- a photo of the whole block
- another photo usually one of the fussy cut "how to position" to get the same look........
then of course you need some basic supplies
this is my go to pile............
- 28mm rotary cutter 
- self healing board (to cut on)
- glue pen
- templates
- thimble
- good sharp scizzors
- Sue Daley Millener's Needle size 11(always have spares)
- Sewline pencil (to trace fussy parts)
- interchangeable leads white and dark grey for the pencil
- Bottomline thread

If you have been sitting on  the sideline admiring EPP on other blogs then give it's highly addictive.......extremely portable, prep big or small sections at once.............
So have i missed you have an essential epp item..............
I'll show the mirrors and templates later..........
Happy stitchin..........
Catch you later......


  1. A "new" EPP project.....OMGosh...get sewing Chooky.

  2. I usually always keep a paper clip close by when working on epp-projects. I hated having to sew thorugh the paper "back in the days", and would use a paper clip to hold one side of the fabric down while I sewd a stitch or two in each corner. So much easier with the glue pens!

  3. I also like to use tins and even covered baskets for supplies. Thank you for listing your supplies. Always helping to know what others use.

  4. Thanks for sharing your supplies, tins and oxes are great for storing projects, I alsomhave little binding clips in my supplies to use instead of glue. Good luck with the new project.

  5. Great post Chooky! I remember when you wrote about first having a go at EPP; I sort of knew you'd get hooked! Lol. I started EPPing in the 1970s when my mum's English Women's Weekly mag gave away a free hexie template. Good cotton fabrics were hard to get but I 'plodded on' using what I could find...and I was addicted in no time!! Lol

  6. Go girl …it is addictive …I am so slow ❤️❤️❤️

  7. It's great to have your EPP project all tucked away in your lovely tin ready to go ...
    Good to have all your requirements on hand.

  8. LOL, I have myLucy tin too. Loooove tins and zip lock bags. I just picked up my Little Lucy again today after having put it away for quite a while due to having a hissy fit when I stitched 2 blocks the wrong way around.

  9. Oh gosh, how interesting. I think my kit is more basic than yours. I dont use glue so a pin to hold the paper in place and some basting thread. Scissors thimble and needles plus stitching thread to match.I do keep one of those tiny Clover 'bulldog' clips in my bag to hold larger pieces together oh and a Frixion pen for marking the shapes onto fabric. xx

  10. Hi Chooky ,i love the packs you get from Shiralee and what a great idea with the tins xx

  11. I also have binding clips in my tin for EPP as they are always helpful if I need them. I also keep a mini needle minder with all my EPP projects.

  12. So you do glue basting. I tried it and didn't like it because the fabric stuck too tight to the paper. But I was using a paper glue stick. Maybe I need to try ones made for fabric.... My EPP box is a bag, but it has all the essentials in it.

  13. It is very addictive, and very portable, love your tins.

  14. Great to have a special tin for your EPP....always god to start a new project! Happy Sewing!


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