Monday, 8 March 2021

International Women's Day and comments

To all the amazing blog friends I have out there happy International Women's Day........
go girls........
you simply are the best.......
an amazing sunset this afternoon........
As for comments..........they seem to be coming thru if I have comment modification on but when I approve them they aren't coming to my email like they should be........but they are publishing on my blog so I will stick with that for now...........


  1. Happy International Women's day to you too! And to all the amazing women bloggers out there.

  2. Happy international womens day Chooky, you are the best.

  3. From one nation to another, Happy International Women's Day! It was fun to catch a moment with you on Saturday, however brief.
    Thank you for that sunset view. It is stunning!! I enlarged it and just sat and basked in it!!

  4. Happy Woman's Day to you too! And thank you for sharing that beautiful sunset! :0)

  5. You do get some glorious sunsets.

  6. Hello, Thank you for this whising. i dit bloging again.i hope, my blog is up to date withe the latest legal status for europe now. i have missed my blog and you for the last few years.
    so a lovely picture

    creativ regards Marika

  7. Hope you enjoyed some company with your zoom. Would have loved to have joined in your ZOOM as it was my birthday too. BUT. I was on retreat and and had no service otherwise I would have joined in with the whole 22 of us.. Hope you had a good time.

  8. You get some great shots out there


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