Saturday, 5 June 2021

The party has started.....

I'm always awake before the rest of the girls...... Last lot arrived late last night and the noise increased dramatically.....
OMG so much fun...... Yesterday was spent tidying and reorganising the chookshed...... Annette kept me company...... I've got to fit 7 of us in here......
Working on this quilt....I have already seen 3 blocks together and added to the main quilt.....I need to get it finished so I can pull it off the design wall......
The 4 patches are a random bundle of fabrics that landed at my place..... Not the most accurate cut blocks but I'll see what I can salvage from them..... Just using as leaders and ender's......
Slight reverse stitch as a block was cut a bit too short......
Perfect way to start the day......
Heaters on out here in the Chookshed..... Fires burning in the house...... It's just coming daylight and I'm sure there's a fog or low cloud out looks very bleek at this time.......
I know a few of you are sewing at home with us..... Have fun .....


  1. Enjoy your time together. It wasn't planned by there might be a small gathering here today, so will be thinking of you all. Heater is on in the sewing room, but need to light the fire in the lounge soon, and boiling the kettle for my first coffee. Just trying to tidy up things around here and make a bit of room. Where's my fairy when I need her??

  2. Enjoy your party. I`ve some baking to do after washing out and then some sewing.

  3. Wish I were there. It is just heating up here in our part of the world with summer arriving in full force. We had chines take out for lunch today to celebrate a 7th birthday and a small group in for a potluck outside luncheon on Sunday. We are just coming out of lockdown but not totally free yet.

  4. Oh, fun times!
    I really like those colors in your design wall project.
    Enjoy your time together and try to sew more than you chat. ;)

  5. Sounds like the perfect day to spend in the Chookshed for the party... Have fun.
    You've made a good start.
    Beautiful sunny day here so will be driving to Mingnew to pick up two quilts and enjoy a coffee and cake before coming home to sew on bindings....

  6. Have a wonderful weekend, will sew along later today.

  7. Have a lovely weekend. Hugs, xx

  8. Perfect sewing weather. Have a great if you need to be reminded.

  9. Sounds like you are ready for a great weekend of birthday celebrations and sewing. You were up early and have a great day.
    I have spent the day sorting out my sewing room.. Planing the next quilt.

  10. I'll bet you are up earlier!!
    Sewing last night today & tonight.

  11. So jealous, I don't even get to sew along. 8 shifts in six days....Last time though.
    Enjoy your weekend, lots of show and tell piccie please.

  12. Keep warm and enjoy stitching the day away.

  13. Ooh sounds cold! Warming up here and we have had our first Sunday lunch guests since last August. Outside of course - not allowed inside yet. have fun. xx

  14. That sounds like a lot of fun... enjoy the company... Thank for your mail about how I can change my blog commentaar. Try to get it done this week...


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