Monday, 24 September 2007

Today's post brought to you by Thimbleanna

Now wether you are liking these posts or not the "Today's posts brought to you by...................."was suggested by Thimbleanna - I think it is a great idea and I have been having fun with it...........wouldn't like to keep doing it for a long time but for something different I am enjoying todays pics are from Thimbleanna she is wondering what the hell I am going to do with these 2 pictures..............
Now what I want today it the reason you visit my blog..........can't be for the constant sewing posts I do as that went out the window long agothey are mixed in with piles of other stuff............obviously now it can't be for my life photos that I constantly bombard you with as they went over a week ago..................

So please tell me why you visit my blog and what you like (or for that matter don't like) about it because according to my little stat counter my stats have not changed with posting none of my own pics and I am getting some wonderful feedback from all of you...................
And if you don't tell me the truth your nose will grow like Pinochio's so get to the comments and tell me what you think.............
Lurkers I know you are there as I get a few comments and heaps of people have visited so pleaseeeeeeeeee come out this time and tell me what you like/hate........................


  1. Hi Donna,
    Love Pinochio. Used to love reading that book when I was young. It was one of my favorite books.
    I love your posts wether you put your photos on or someone elses. So there!!! Honest engine.
    By the way, loved that magazine. Read it the other night and I want to make everything in it. Thank you soooo much.

  2. I read your posts because I like to learn about Australia. I'm still amazed by the beauty of the land and the gorgeous work all the quilters do there. I like your sense of humor too. I will send you a photo to see what you come up for it.

  3. I like to read what is happening in another part of OZ. I wish I could write long descriptive posts as you do. As I mention on my blog I am dyslexic so writing has never come easy to me, so I like to read yours.
    How's that.

  4. your blog is one of the first few blogs that I found in oz and I like to see what you are doing.
    Hugs Beth

  5. Yours is a fun land to visit! HA... I check daily to see what is new. Any gal that will host a Christmas swap is a gal I must visit!

    Happy Hobbies!

  6. I visit just because of YOU, I like your posts, whether it is your life/quilts or anything else. If I didn´t like it I wouldn´t come. Ok I have waited a few minutes and my nose isn´t bigger than it was before I wrote this, so this must be the truth believe it or not.

  7. Hi Donna, You know I just love to pop over and check out what you have been up, wish we lived closer and were able to spend more time together, but hey blog land helps with that.
    Your friend

  8. Hi Donna,

    I read your Blog because you're so far away and I like to see how other people live. I have enjoyed the latest posts and I always your posts and photos about life on the farm.


  9. I have been enjoying your "brought to you by" posts.

    I think in blogland we get to know people - like friends and we enjoy their company. So we check in with the friends we have made - whether it is about quilting or not - that is just the common bond to start the friendship. I feel like you are one of my blog friends :))

  10. I agree with Pam. I have not been reading yours as long as most, but I kinda like you!!! LOL I don't ALWAYS comment, but I ALWAYS read.

  11. Hey there hon, I like your humour ... that's why I stop by. You're always a fun read.

  12. You're hysterical! Excellent job on coming up with something to say that would relate to Pinnochio's mug shots. You rock! All my reasons for visiting your blog have already been taken -- like learning about AU, your sense of humor, the Christmas swap, etc. I especially like that you took some hairbrained idea from someone you don't even know to get you over the no-camera hump, and you ran with it and made it so fun!!! XOXO!

  13. Well Donna, 1st, you're a fellow Aussie, and 2nd you're a quilting blogger. What more could we ask for?... No long nose here, so it must be the truth.

  14. The truth? The blue chookies and your sense of humor. Besides that our lives are totally opposite. I have learned about wild cats, chickens, sheep and blue yabbies. You are never boring ánd you love fabrics.

  15. Cause I love you !!!xxx

    And so I can keep an eye on what your up to. I also see what and who you check out. I love blogs for the different links people tell you about. We can learn so much about the world through blogs, including yours.


  16. Donna when I visit your blog is like when I go to visit my friend that lives in my town and it is so good to stay together.
    Your blog is like your home but virtual and so if you want to speak to me about patckwork or travels or Mum-stuff or sons or husband or your friends's pics........for me it will be a great pleasure!
    When I open your blog I feel close to you.

    ciao ciao

  17. I first came to your blog because of the great name, and I love chooks. When I saw your beautiful county pics and sunsets it reminded me of where I grew up and my family farm, so I kept visiting. You do a great job!

  18. Came here after you left a comment on my blog. I enjoy seeing things from the lands down under and so stuck around. I am finding these other photos hilarious at times and interesting at others. I think you have a real talent for stitching and can't wait til you start posting more of your own pics.

  19. I visit your blog because I like to read your posts. I love the way you write about things, about living on a farm and the animals.

  20. Donna, I like to read your blog because I felt a insistent friendship with you. I enjoy reading about what your up to and you have a great sense of humor. Keep em to stop by and check in with you.
    Big hugs!

  21. I just like ya 'cos I like ya....and you seem a lot like a good way! Also, you are actually in my country...a rare thing! Tracey


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