Saturday, 10 November 2007


I am involved with organising some open gardens next year and while taking some pics in one of the gardens i took these gorgeous flowers............

I got motivated by Jodie to get a WIP finshed that I had started and tried to finish a bag to show you but things were not going as planned and I have had to unpick a lot so maybe later unless it goes into the WIP pile again to be buried for several months.............highly likely.......
........also received some purple chenille from Kerry in the mail and I am planning another bag so watch this space..........
----------------take care------------
PS I just added a Christmas Tree for Christmas countdown........I saw it on Laila's blog and had to have one.........


  1. Enjoy the beautiful flowers in your garden. And, enjoy the Christmas tree!

    Hugs Laila and Tonje in snowy Trysil. ;)

  2. All of your photos are lovely. Oh, how I wish I could take photos like you.

    Your bag is adorable. I have some magnetic snaps but have yet to try them.

  3. Donna, I added that countdown tree yesterday too. I saw it on Clare's blog. Perhaps it will help me maintain motivaton to be ready for Christmas this year.

  4. Wonderful header, you could call it Thunderblue! 211 days to send SSCS, 45 days to make Christmas presents, 12 days to make a Thanksgiving dinner (do you celebrate in OZ?), 25 days to make Sinterklaas presents, 20 days to make an advent calender, 36 days to loose wait for to fit in a party dress.... I’m off!

  5. Love that new bag - those magnetic clasps are a bit addictive. I feel like the new bag lady myself. Just LOVE the bags! Beautiful flower pics and those clouds look very exciting. Did you get some rain out of them?? Good luck with the Open Garden organising.

  6. The flowers are lovely, strange seeing them blooming at "this time" of the year.

  7. The flowers are beautiful! That Christmas tree widget led me to find a Detroit Tigers Opening Day countdown. I was so thrilled! Thanks to you and Laila for leading me to the spot.

  8. Love the flowers - all my garden grows is DUST! Na thanks for the linkt ot he Christmas Tree - me too!


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